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Each bed bug infestation is unique and, therefore, requires a customized treatment plan designed specifically for your infestation by one of Admiral Pest Control’s licensed and trained technicians.
In severe cases, fumigation with Vikane can be conducted on entire buildings (whole-structure), certain parts of a building (compartmentalized), or certain materials, including box springs and mattresses, placed in a permanent or temporary chamber.Fumigation is the best option for treating bed bugs when immediate eradication of bed bugs is required, such as in multi- unit dwellings (hotels, apartments and dormitories), when occupants are highly allergic to bites or when there is zero tolerance for the infestation.
Call Admiral Pest Control atfor an inspection, so that we can eliminate your Bed Bug infestation.
Since 2003, Round the Clock Pest Control has served the residential, commercial and industrial communities of the Southern California areas. Demand that the bed bug detection team you hire is accredited with NESDCA to ensure accuracy and reliability.
NESDCA is also committed to Educating, the consumers about the benefits of using properly trained Entomology Scent Detection Dog Teams, in the process of locating and eradicating pest problems.
NESDCA evaluation process sets the highest standards by which Bed Bug Detection Canines Teams are held. Round the Clock Pest Control has been anticipating the highly increased outbreak of bed bugs for a few years now, and we have been able to develop an effective and aggressive bed bug treatment to eradicate bed bugs where they hide.
For that reason, Round The Clock Pest Control utilizes highly trained, Bed Bug detection Canines. Did you know that Bed bug dogs are over 90% accurate, and that the accuracy of a human technician finding a bed bug infestation is approximately 30%, that leaves a 70% chance that a clean room is actually invested.

At Round the Clock Pest Control, we understand the frustration involved in finding a reliable company to perform quality pest control services. Our philosophy towards pest control, is total elimination by finding the source of the problem and treating the problem at its root source. We have cost effective pest management techniques and pride ourselves on increasingly better services over the years.
Typically Bed Bug infestations are eliminated through the careful and precise application of residual insecticides. Round the Clock Pest Control delivers prompt and professional service to business and home owners while adhering to all EPA Laws and Safety Regulations. NESDCA was formed by Pest Control Professionals to ensure the highest standards for only Entomology Scent Detection Canines. These specially Trained Canines can detect Bed Bugs when humans cannot, and with greater efficiency.
With the use of our NESDCA Certified Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs and our aggressive treatment methods. Through intelligent and state of the art service, we will develop a plan that will eliminate pests from your environment.
Whether you have a commercial, industrial, or a residential property Round The Clock Pest Control, considerable experience will help you find a cost effective solution, custom tailored to fit your specific needs.

We strive to satisfy the customer and guarantee that engaging our services will not be complete until the vile bugs are totally eliminated. Bed bug infestations have been most commonly reported in motels, hotels, dormitories, apartments, shelters and transport vehicles, but also infest homes. Round The Clock Pest Control technicians receive on-going training on Local, State, and National procedures and laws.
In the State of California you are required to be licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board to identify any type of pest or, to sell any type of pest control service. In order to treat them effectively, Admiral Pest Control’s technicians undergo rigorous training to understand their biology and behavior.
IGR’s mimic insect growth hormones and do not allow the bed bug to develop into its next growth stage, causing deformation and death. Our highly trained staff consists of qualified service technicians and service managers that are dedicated to customer service and professional care, not only do we have highly skilled servicemen, but we also staff highly trained NESDCA CERTIFIED BED BUG SNIFFING service dogs! It is recommend that the homeowner wash any bed linen, blankets, etc, that can be washed, in hot water.

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