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Category: Pest Control Tips | 04.01.2014
If you look at the blood spots on sheets primer you will see its oxidizing fresh blood and as such non confirming of bedbugs as thee are plenty of other causes as you may read in other posts.
Two weeks ago went through the tub and found about 15 bugs that looked like this in the bottom of the tub.
Any advice i give here is based solely on my own personal experiences in dealing with bedbugs & other household vermin.
I've found a bunch of these on the floor behind the head of my bed, along the crease where the carpet meets the wall. Any help identifying or telling me for sure if this is the DE Powder working - let me know.

Yes there was a nest or two by my bedroom but a roofer kicked it off and sealed the area off so they could not return.
It looks like a dried up larva, maybe a beetle larva (but many hairs would have been rubbed off, so not a bed bug. Not sure if this is a bed bug, doesn't look like it from the images i've searched in google.
Since 2009 they have become an integral part in how we resolve bedbug infestations in domestic and commercial settings. I've also been dealing with this for two years and if it was BB it would be a lot worse infestation.

The rear end of it doesn't look like the rear end of a male bed bug; the body is not bed bug like and the head of yours appears to be missing. My guess is that the DE Powder finally dried up the bug because this does not look like a skin casing to me. Plus a swallow bug is hairy and smaller than a bed bug which matches what I have been seeing.

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