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We are GreenTech Heat Solutions - the leader in affordable professional heat treatment equipment and training for the eradication of bed bugs and many other insects.
Affordable equipment packages for companies starting with heat or expanding your exisiting heat team. Understand how you can use your own maintenance team to control bed bugs and your pest budget. Getting rid of these bugs is not an easy task because insecticides are not very effective on mattresses and stuffed furniture. Since bed bugs hide so well and survive so long, a successful eradication program requires detailed knowledge of the insect's habits and biology that only a trained professional can provide.
With the explosive increase in international travel over the last few decades and the ease in which bed bugs travel on clothing and luggage, they are likely to remain a household pest for the foreseeable future. After the end of World War II, bedbugs were mostly eradicated from developed countries with the use of DDT. Bed bugs are most active at night, and will bite any exposed area of skin while a person is sleeping. Getting rid of bed bugs is a difficult process which requires treatment by a company experienced in bed bug control and remediation.
Public sector equipment and areas are prone to picking up bed bugs due to the situations and people encountered. Built-in electronic temperature controller and sensor proportionally modulates the heating load to match the exact capacity required for energy efficient operation.
Temperature sensor controls the heater proportionally to maintain the pre-set air discharge temperature. Open coil elements made of the highest grade nickel-chrome resistance wire will not age or oxidize, thus assuring longer heater life.

All of these housing types carry an increased risk of bed bug infestation due to the sometimes transitory nature of their residents.
When modern mattresses were developed around the turn of the 20th century, bed bugs became less of a hassle and were almost forgotten by the 1940's and beyond.
Following that pesticides worldwide ban and paired with an increase in global travel, bed bugs are once again becoming a serious problem across the globe.
Bed bugs are the most difficult type of infestation to treat as they are tiny, elusive, and very resilient. The bites can cause irritation and infection and may leave welts or red bumps on the skin, and there have been some studies linking bed bug infestations to several different diseases. Some people may like the idea that along with the bed bugs, they are also killing potential termites and any other pest with the same treatment. Employees should be educated to recognize bed bug signs and you should have an extermination plan. With THERMOCLAVE Heater Package, you can utilize your maintenance staff to execute heat treatments the moment a bed bug problem is identified or as part of a proactive eradication schedule.
With a THERMOCLAVE Heater Package, you can utilize your maintenance staff to execute heat treatments the moment a bed bug problem is identified. We offer complete heat treatment equipment packages designed specifically for the professional pest controller and the professional maintenance team property manager. Those that claim to eliminate all stages of the bed bugs growth may not kill the eggs, and if not applied to all affected areas will not kill all the bed bugs, which can live over a year without a fresh feeding.
Advanced knowledge and equipment is required to use these strategies and products safely and effectively while obeying local laws. Although they can live just about anywhere, they are most likely to be found in bedroom walls or in mattresses and bed linens.

A trained professional will have the knowledge, training, and equipment needed to thoroughly treat your home. Maximum effectiveness can be achieved when heat treatments are combined with a preventative natural residual control program done in-house or offered by a Pest Control Professional.
We'll listen and work with you to put together the right equipment that best suits treating all of your properties. Protect yourself and your family by having a company experienced in the removal of bed bugs treat your home immediately. If you suspect the presence of bed bugs in your home, you need to take action immediately to remove them. In addition, prevention of a more severe infestation throughout your home is much more likely if periodic follow-up treatments and inspections are performed by an experienced professional.
The heaters use large amounts of either propane gas or electricity provided by a gas powered generators, both of which are costly. Although bed bugs are not currently known to carry diseases, they can be a terrible nuisance causing skin rashes, itching, and allergic type symptoms.
It may be necessary to remove utility and outlet covers to reach bed bugs located behind the walls or along electrical wiring. Beds will need to be disassembled, dressers must be emptied and the drawers removed and furniture must be taken apart as much as possible.
Make sure that you engage the services of a qualified and licensed pest control company that has had years of experience and uses the best quality methods possible to handle bed bugs.

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