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Carbon dioxide along with the heat that our bodies emit during the early hours of the morning is all that a bed bug would need to track their meal down. The reason why bed bugs prefer to stay underneath your bed is because of the scent that people leave on their beds, which is the accumulation of bodily excretions such as sweat, which entices them. What causes the reddish welts on the skin is not a result of the bed bug drawing blood from its host but rather that of the anesthetic compound that it has injected to the skin to render the initial bites undetectable by its host. Just like any other household pest and parasites, bed bugs are very annoying and should be taken care of immediately on the first possible signs of an infestation.
The first method of bed bug treatment is to rid these pests from your homes completely and since this is easier said than done, this would require you to literally leave no stone unturned to ensure that there will be no surviving remnants that would have the possibility to re-colonize inside your home. Dry cleaning your clothes and other fabric related items inside your house at 160 Fahrenheit can kill bed bugs and their eggs and judging by the amount of fabrics inside a single house hold, this could be one of the most tedious aspects in completely eradicating these bed bugs once and far all. If you live in Minnesota and are experiencing problems with bed bugs invading your home or office, call Francis.
After the end of World War II, bedbugs were mostly eradicated from developed countries with the use of DDT. Bed bugs are most active at night, and will bite any exposed area of skin while a person is sleeping. Getting rid of bed bugs is a difficult process which requires treatment by a company experienced in bed bug control and remediation.
Chances are, you may have just been a victim of bed bugs or bed mites, those small insects that are related to the flea, which also feed on the warm blood of their host. Interestingly though, unlike their relative the flea or tick that directly approaches their host, bed bugs have this uncanny method of climbing on the walls and hanging over the ceiling until they detect a substantial amount of carbon dioxide emission underneath them.

There were no reported cases of bed bugs which had the possibility of being able to carry any form of contagious virus or bacteria that may cause a pandemic but they do pose a health threat to small children and infants depending on the severity of the bites inflicted on their hosts which can cause severe skin inflammation, particularly on small children with under developed immune systems. A single female bed bug can lay an average of 5 eggs a day, which may well turn out to about 500 eggs in its entire lifetime. The first thing that you should do is to start where the cause of the infestation is coming from, your bed. Unfortunately, not everything can be submitted to this process, especially fixtures such as tables and chairs, but there is one alternative by which you can wrap them in plastic and place a heater which is set to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit which will dehydrate bed bugs and prematurely rupture any eggs that are laid.
Following that pesticides worldwide ban and paired with an increase in global travel, bed bugs are once again becoming a serious problem across the globe. Bed bugs are the most difficult type of infestation to treat as they are tiny, elusive, and very resilient. The bites can cause irritation and infection and may leave welts or red bumps on the skin, and there have been some studies linking bed bug infestations to several different diseases. Some people may like the idea that along with the bed bugs, they are also killing potential termites and any other pest with the same treatment.
Scientifically called Cimex Lectularius, bed bugs belong to the genus Cimicidae, which also includes ticks, fleas and head lice, which are all generally parasitic insects that survive on a rich diet of blood from their mammal host. Bed bugs prefer to feed during the early hours of the morning, just as before the sun rises because of the right temperature setting that lets the human body radiate more than enough carbon dioxide and body heat for the bed bugs to detect.
There have been no direct medical evaluation that bed bugs can be a potential carrier of infectious diseases other than the annoying itchiness that it causes on its victims skin which can be relieved by using topical anti-histamine creams. Cleaning your bed seems to be the first rational means of eliminating bed bugs but a more effective way will require you to isolate your entire bed mattress with a specially made fabric, which is treated with a compound that kills bed bugs.

Thorough vacuuming can also greatly reduce the bed bug population in your house, as you need to give more attention to your beddings and other fabrics around your home. Although they can live just about anywhere, they are most likely to be found in bedroom walls or in mattresses and bed linens. Bed bugs and ticks are the most closely related in physiology and similar to the way they prey upon their victims.
Compared to their other relatives, bed bugs are more sensitive to heat and light that they spend most of the day hiding underneath your beds, thus their name “bed bugs”.
Unlike their other relatives, bed bugs do not have mandibles that bite into human skin; instead they have 2 sets of tubes that inject an anesthetic to the skin while the other draws out the blood from its host.
Unlike fleas that have a particular area where they spend most of their time such as carpets, sofas and beds, bed bugs can be found almost anywhere around your house and find their way inside your homes by every imaginable means since they are the type of parasites that can gain access into your homes through furniture, books, luggage and clothing.
The compound is encased within the fabric, which entraps and kills off any bed bugs that re inside your mattress. Protect yourself and your family by having a company experienced in the removal of bed bugs treat your home immediately. If you suspect the presence of bed bugs in your home, you need to take action immediately to remove them.

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