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Most commonly, a bed bug’s life span ranges from 4 to 6 months, though this life span can be extended to up to a year under cooler conditions.
The pesky bed bugs are nocturnal, so even if one does not see signs of the bugs during the day, at night they will become active and feed.
Bed bugs are fast moving insects and use their sharp beaks to pierce the skin of their victim. Signs of bed bugs infesting a household may include bed bug excrement, which will appear as dark spots on furniture, clothes, or bedding. Bed bugs hide during the day and prefer to stay in their dark and protected habitats, such as folds of mattresses, seams and tufts for nesting.

Nymphs will also shed their skin as they grow, and as the bed bug population increases shed skins can accumulate and become more noticeable in a room. At room temperature, and with their required regular blood meals, Nymphs mature and become adult bed bugs in 5 weeks! Although these facts can make our skin crawl a bit, they can also make us aware of the signs that we have an infestation problem. These bugs also like baseboards, floor cracks, window and door frames, pictures and drapery pleats to hide behind. Within a couple of weeks these eggs hatch and the immature bed bugs begin to feed on their victims!

These facts probably make you feel like you want to thoroughly investigate your bedrooms and you should!

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