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Our thermal eradication method uses infrared and laser equipment that sends out a uniform heat of 135 degrees Fahrenheit to kill all life stages of bed bugs in one go.
We also provide free check-ups to ensure our work was worth the bed bug extermination cost. We can not prevent bed bugs from hitch hiking a ride into public places; however, we can use a bed bug prevention spray in public places. Ever since the bedbug epidemic broke out, everyone needs to know certain bed bug prevention tips.
Statistics reveal a disturbing danger that is hiding in all corners, literally, waiting to feast on human blood, none of us are safe until the war on bedbugs is won. A bed bug prevention program is necessary for hotels to certify that they have taken proactive steps to prevent bed bugs. In 2006, a couple sued a Catskills resort for $20 million dollars after suffering bed bug bites.
Bedbug911 was established as a separate company when it became obvious to Nicole Levine, that her company, Home Clean Home (HCH), was being overwhelmed with job orders for bed bugs treatment.
December 23, 2015 By kerri Leave a Comment Because of the old bedtime expression, “Goodnight, don’t let the bedbugs bite,” you may be surprised to find out that bed bugs are not fictional vermin, intended to scare young children into early bedtimes. The truth is that finding someone to help with your bed bug extermination requires a little bit of research so you know what’s going on. Here are a few questions that you MUST ask your bed bug exterminator before he or she begins. This is an important question to ask for bed bug extermination because an unlicensed exterminator will have more knowledge about bed bugs and how to treat them.
As with any professional you want to make sure that your bed bug exterminator has a good track record.
You will have to pay for bed bug extermination so make sure you get all the information you can before choosing.
This question will help you decide which professional you choose for bed bug extermination.
Make sure you receive a detailed answer to this question because it can affect what you’re willing to pay for the service and whether or not you effectively get rid of bed bugs. Like I said earlier, bed bug extermination is a lengthy process and if the pro is only making one visit you need to know what you are expected to do afterward.

Before the bed bug exterminator arrives there are some things you will need to do to prepare for treatment.
Dismantle bed frame and sit all pieces against the wall so you and the exterminator can treat all infected areas. Before you hire an exterminator and agree to an appointment it is your responsibility to make sure all of your concerns have been addressed and that you are perfectly aware of the extermination process. Bedbugs have vastly spread across every corner of the globe and globalization is the fuel for this global epidemic. Hotels can not prevent guests that have bed bugs from entering the hotel, however, there are steps that can be taken to prevent the spread of bedbugs. Bed bug related lawsuits can have a horrifying impact on hotels; both financially and reputably. Residential and commercial clients, using HCH for their cleaning and maintenance needs were experiencing a bed bug infestation that was spreading throughout New York in proportions not seen since the 50’s.
This requires ongoing work, which means you need to ask questions and know how to maintain the bed bug treatment plan. Find out if furniture and bedding will need to be washed and how frequently you need to check the infested areas of your home. These are things that need to be done in order to get rid of bed bugs but things that your exterminator is unlikely to do for you. Don’t waste your money on ineffective treatments that only kill the mature life stages of bed bugs, leaving behind eggs to hatch into a new problem weeks down the line. Call EnviroCon Termite & Pest today for a free quote on our thermal bed bug removal process.
Even if we do not see bed bugs, they can still sometimes be there without our eye noticing them.
Bed bugs stay in you mattress, pillows and sheets and when you are sleeping the bite your skin which may lead into itching, blemishes and even pathogens. So, it is obvious that bed bugs are serious problems since they can ruin your comfort.  There are actually many methods of bed bug extermination. A bedroom should be the most comfortable space at home.Don’t let the existence of bed bugs ruin your bedroom’s performance. In order to keep your room especially your bed away from bed bugs, you must take some actions to overcome it.

You can choose one of the bed bug extermination methods explained above of you can use all of the methods to get the better result.Bed Bugs bed bug extermination kitsCommon Bed Bug ExterminationOne of the methods to get rid of bed bugs is using insecticides. It is the most common bed bug extermination done by many people because it is very simple to do and the result is quite satisfying. The fact is, not all insecticides work well to kill the bed bugs and some of them may be not good to for your health and for your mattress and bed.You must be selective when buying insecticides since there are many types of it.
Those types of insecticides are well-known to kill bed bugs effectively without living any chemical substance and stain in the fibers. Even, nowadays some products of insecticides are environmental-friendly.bed bug control set in New YorkBed Bug Extermination – Keep CleanCleaning and washing your bed sets including pillowcases, comforters, and, mattress is another simple way to kill bed bugs. Even when you have no problems with bed bugs, you must do steam cleaning and washing to keep you bed area clean and comfortable. This method works by wiping out the population of bed bugs and eliminating their infestation.Apply the soap in extreme heat so the bed bugs will die when the bed sets are being washed.
Freezing is another way of bed bug extermination.If you like, you can wrap the fabrics with plastic.
Plastic wrapping is a way control and stop bed bug since it will stifle and waste away existing bed bug populations hidden deep in the mattress. The bees extermination treatment truly precedes it.Proper Bees ExterminationGiven that bees are dangerous, the right extermination of bee treatment has been so important. Hence, the proper bees extermination treatment is necessary.Bees have the boldness to attack and hurt people without the least reason or provocation. We can leave them at peace and there is no need for any carpenter bee extermination treatment. When they are intruding into our own garden, they pose a grave danger to the people living around.bees exterminationBees Extermination BenefitsOn the other hand, bee removal will not be a solution if these insects stray into houses or populated areas seeing as they can actually bring many benefits. As a structural pest control specialist, Aerex job is for the most part in the field of the suitable application of any chemicals and pesticides as well as other allied chemicals for exterminating avoid infestation and control the pest and virus as part of the company.

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