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Buggy Beds, the business has had an offer of $5 million for a buy out prior to this Shark Tank investment.
Entrepreneuer Maria Curcio has a solution that she invented herself — an early detection system for bedbugs that already has sales through the roof. I used a small plastic bowl shaped empty yogurt pot, then i greased the sides with Vaseline but then instead of using food as bait i used fresh beer or lager!
The other night, we came home and noticed a night stand, outside my bedroom window, in the parking lot.

No bug can live through that even tho they claim a German roach can live through a nuclear bombing…. So check all your things outside before bringing the bag into your home if you suspect that you have cockroaches in it.
Place in screw wholes and air flow gaps or along the edges underneath your electronics and the roaches will feed and die, but in order to remove the dead you must take the electronics coverings off and shake and scrub,then add more little bitty balls of carmel as I call it to the guts of your electronics for consistant control and killing of these nasty things. I checked inside…and in my bedroom, they were crawling on my window will, on my walls, now the tiny ones have gotten in my living room.

I sprayed the perimeter of my apartment with a giant can of raid and bombed with those canned bug bomb foggers from walmart.

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