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Bedbug central also offers our cutting-edge products for the treatment and detection of bed bugs directly to the consumer, please visit our store to purchase.
We are also the leader in bed bug training and product innovation for the pest management industry.
The SenSci Bed Bug Lure and Trap Kit allows homeowners to lure, trap and detect bed bugs at home. Our company and website was developed, in part by nationally regarded entomologist Richard Cooper, in response to the extensive incorrect information available to individuals faced with bed bug problems.

Finally, to ensure that customers have access to qualified pest management firms are equipped with the resources and training needed to properly address bed bugs, we have created the bedbugFREE network. Jeffrey White has over 10 years of experience as an entomologist and offers his expertise in many different areas of entomology including; bed bug research, protocol development, and evaluating the efficacy of bed bug treatment methods. White also developed BedBug TV, an online weekly video podcast that has been viewed by over a million people across the world.
White has worked on the technical evaluation of various products as well as developing bed bug management programs for residential and commercial properties.

Richard Cooper, who co-authored a book titled “Bed Bug Handbook: The Complete Guide to Bed Bugs and Their Control”, is a highly sought out speaker on bed bugs and other pest management topics. He is currently evaluating new products and conducting research to determine a more effective and cost efficient bed bug treatment plan.

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