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Using the most effective products available in the UK, including a scientifically advanced Insect Growth Regulator, this fantastic Ultimate Control Bed Bug Kit will eradicate a Bed Bug problem quickly and effectively.
Safe, easy and ready to use at home, Protector C is a liquid spray which is effective against bed bugs ,fleas and a range of other insects. Proven to kill Bed Bugs hiding in their favoured places, such as books, behind picture frames and in cracks and crevices. Midi Fumer Smoke Bombs give an effective knock down and kill fumigation treatment to rooms infested with bed bugs or fleas.Easy to use, just light the smoke fumers and vacate the room, making sure that you have closed all the windows first.
The best way to begin a bed bugs treatment is by fumigating a house by placing smoke bombs in each room and then securing all the windows and doors. Following fumigation, the second stage of a Bed Bugs Treatment is to spray with a residual insecticide, either carbamate or pyrethroid based, both are very effective for bed bugs treatment. Bed bugs treatment can involve several stages before it is completely successful, a thorough bed bugs treatment requires a detailed survey of the room to establish the level of infestation and in order to find where the bed bugs are hiding.

Bed Bugs Sprays available in the supermarket may well kill a good percentage of the bed bugs in your bed, however, like most humans they don't stay in bed all day!
Unfortunately, most Bed Bugs Sprays are not powerfull enough or not sprayed in the right places e.g.
The only real effective erradication of Bed Bugs, is a professional smoke bomb, which fills the whole room and gets into all the little hiding places for bed bugs. Our Professional Bed Bugs Spray (bomb) is best used following a identification of bed bugs in a room with a detailed search and survey.
If the bed bugs have infested other rooms the Bed Bugs Spray will need to be applied to every room that the pests have moved into. For example, if your bed goes down to the carpet, obviously the smoke will not get under the bed.
We just wish we knew about the smoke bombs before we spent so much money on replacng beds and other furnature and using cheap sprays that didn't work.

For effective bed bugs treatment, contact Pest Control Management, we are used to dealing with light and heavy infestations for domestic (residential) and commercial (hotel) clients.
Bed Bugs Spray is sometimes carried out twice, if immunity is found in some bugs, changing the insecticide formulation is important if successive visits are needed.
This inhibits growth of the bed bugs and cuts short their life cycle, ceasing the development of eggs. Do not get confused with the science, let Pest Control Management take the strain and pain away, as we are experts at identifying and eradicating bed bugs.

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