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Bed bugs prefer humans more so than Animals or Pets such as dogs and cats.  The amount of blood Bed bugs suck depend on how often a host is available. After treatments from your IPM dogs are then used to determine if the odor of live bed bugs and viable eggs are still present in the home or structure.
In some languages bed bugs are called wood bugs, because they like to hide in furniture, inside wood joints. Dark spots of dried bed bug excrement along mattress seams or wherever the bugs have resided are another telltale sign. For treating beds and mattresses, a dust mite cover with a zipper on the mattress and box spring is the easiest way. You could also use heavy duty plastic (6 millimetres thick, used in construction) but you have to be very diligent to tape them completely shut, so no bed bug can escape and the plastic is also noisy when you move around on it. A word on vacuums: in a large infestation regular vacuuming can help, but will not get into the hidden spots like wooden joints and tackle the bed bug populations there. If you have an antique headboard on your bed frame, you can get a caulking gun and some weather stripping caulk.
Oil (mineral oil or others) in a container also works, but may stain your bed legs permanently, unless you can put the bed on little blocks so the bed legs don’t touch the oil. You have to make sure the bed and bedding do not touch the floor or wall anywhere else for this barrier treatment to work. If there are no bed legs and the whole frame rest on the floor, set the frame onto wooden blocks to elevate it.
Tip for bed bug trap: In some cultures, people put two pieces of wood together or drill small holes into a piece of wood and the bed bugs may crawl in between the wood pieces.
Cleaning surrounding area with steam cleaner will kill most bed bugs, but not necessarily all eggs, so it has to be repeated.
If you have a wooden floor with gaps in between the planks the bed bugs may be hiding there. Temperatures of – 20 Celsius (-6 Fahrenheit) will definitely kill bed bugs overnight. This is assuming that you are moving stuff out of a heated place: the drastic change in temperature will kill of the bed bugs.
If you need to travel, keep your luggage away from the bed to decrease chances of bringing home bed bugs. Bed bugs are host specific, which means they like to stay on humans and can’t reproduce without feeding off humans. If you have birds, bats or rodents like mice, rats or squirrels in the house, that should be taken care of as well, so the bed bugs don’t get any free meals. Food grade Diatomaceous Earth (for mite problem or louse problem or for a large bed bug infestation): garden centre, building supply store, feed store or farmer co-op. If this information has been helpful to you and helped to solved your bug problem, please consider paying us a small consultation fee. The Cimicidae family is made up of a number of unappealing parasites, such as the bat bug, chimney swift bug, and the swallow bug. A mature, female bed bug can lay between 1 - 5 eggs daily, totaling over 200 eggs in her lifetime.
Bed bug infestations are often associated with poor hygiene or sanitation, but even clean homes can becomes hosts for these parasites. There are a few types of bed bugs that live among people, and that being the common bed bug and the bat bug. The fact that a bed bug will live a year and a half without a blood meal are pretty good odds that they will breed sooner or later. If a bed bug has the ability to get food every night it may only spend 5 minutes feeding, but if a bed bug goes a while without feeding it could spend up to 15 minutes taking in its food supply. If detected early, often it is enough to just treat the mattresses and bed frames, because the bed bugs will usually stay close to you, their food source, and only spread out after some time.

If you see bed bugs, spray everything with a cleaning solutions (soapy water plus essential oils is nice), bag it and wash it or expose it to temperature extremes. However, it is cheaper and if you need to encase a lot of beds, that may be an option to consider. They can be very useful on furniture and can drastically reduce the numbers of bedbugs in a large infestation. For smaller infestations I think it’s a waste of time, because the bed bugs will be hiding away in the cracks and vacuuming wont dislodge them.
If you are trying to avoid killing any bed bugs, put them outside (far away form any building structure). In a large infestation you may want to check behind base boards if you find bed bugs or eggs, a good place to start is the base board close to the bed, esp. Temperatures of minus five degrees Celsius will kill bedbugs (12 hours) but not necessarily their eggs. If you put them in bags and into the freezer for 4 hours the adults and nymph bed bugs will die.
Bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide we give off when breathing and our body warmth.
If you can’t use the food grade DE, you can implement the bed bug treatment, it will work against mites also, but is more labour intensive.
Customers told me that it did work very well for them, even in bigger bed bug infestations that had gone undetected for a while. They often hide in cracks, electrical outlets, baseboards, behind wallpaper and picture frames, and - of course - in mattresses and bedding materials. Prevention is key - checking and cleaning any clothing, bedding, furniture, or other items thoroughly before bringing them into the home, maintaining a clean sleeping area by changing and washing bedding frequently, and inspecting the entire bedroom and around the bed for signs of bed bugs. The reason for this increase in bedbug activity is because global travel has been on the increase for the past few years. Bed bugs not only find shelter in beds but also are often found in furniture at home and at work, as well public transit, cruise ships, shipping crates and many other locations.
Immediately after feeding, the breeding process with the males and females begin and shortly after, the female bed bugs will lay their eggs.
A recent study at the University of Florida determined that in ten weeks an infestation starting with only 4 bed bugs quickly became 35,000 (thirty five thousand!). Not only can they detect eggs, but also certain dogs can even distinguish between the odors of a live bed bug vs. Using the dogs as a follow-up to a bed bug treatment is important for any consumer dealing with this problem.
Your family doctor (GP) may misdiagnose your bites as eczema or stress and not consider bedbugs the culprit. It is best to buy the dust mite cover for the box spring one size larger then the actual size of box spring, so it is easier to fit. Use your time and effort for more effective techniques like steam cleaning, unless you can see bed bugs and bed bug eggs and then DO use the vacuum and discard the bag or freeze it afterwards. Especially if you took the time to get your bed free of bugs, if pets sleep on your bed and bring a bug with them, you would have to start the cleaning all over again.
You can put these home made traps below the tape barrier and bed bugs are more likely to stay in them because it’s closed to their food source (you).
Do not rely on this method to completely get rid of bed bugs, but it can be useful for identifying a bed bug problem or if you live in an apartment building and the occasional bed bug straggler comes over from a different apartment.
You can then shake the clothing out (put a white sheet under to catch and see any bed bugs). You could then even start to sleep on it and attract the bed bugs to this place as they can’t get up.
If your pets stay on the bed or couch, you may need to inspect them and wash them or have them groomed.

There is such a thing as bat bugs, too, so do make sure no other pests are living in your home. But, because we cannot predict which bed bug populations have resistance, these products still must be used, because they are the only choices we currently have. You may have heard about them frequently on the nightly news, with headlines about a centuries-old pest making its comeback into the beds of Americans. Once engorged with blood, however, bed bugs can swell up to 3 times their usual size, and change in color to a dark red, making them appear to be a different bug all together. Bed Bug bites result in small, red, itchy sores, which can become swollen or even infected from scratching. Once hatched, baby bed bugs will immediately seek a blood host, requiring 5 blood feedings in order to reach their full adult size. After the meal bedbugs will  crawl into a crevice and digest their meal for several days before coming back for more. NESDCA is considered the nations premier certification for bed bug dogs for they go above and beyond the standard currently set forth by the NPMA. Travel clinics tend to be more familiar with bed bug bites and often identify them quickly.
So this can be a good way to catch the remaining bed bugs in the room, as they will be attracted to your sleeping area.
The food grade DE will have an effect on the younger bed bug nymph population but not so much on adult bed bugs.
If you suspect mites (not dust mites) you can clean with borax and water and then apply a very thin layer of food grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) under mattress and around bed.
If you have a case of bed bugs, then someone is certainly enjoying your night's sleep - but it probably isn't you!
It is a fact that bed bugs feed exclusively on blood, but bed bugs pose no risk to humans nor do they transmit disease.
The areas bed bugs like to bite are the arms, legs, neck and face because these are the areas most exposed to them while we sleep. Bed bug dogs are best used in the beginning stages of infestations when you cannot visually see any infestation at all, but don’t let not seeing an infestation fool you. Things to look for are the bugs themselves, and the light-brown, molted skins of the nymphs and eggs. Headboards that are attached to the wall HAVE to be moved; bedbugs are likely hiding behind the headboards.
When they hatch, the new born instars look exactly like a bed bug, but, nearly colorless and so small that they are virtually impossible to see. Because every person reacts differently to bed bug bites not every person will have the same reaction.
Humans don’t typically notice infestations until it’s too late, mostly because the bed bugs are so elusive.
Always a good idea to put a bed bug trap beneath the barrier so you can catch bed bugs in there. Bed bug infestations are not only a pest issue, but in some cases have cased severe mental stress and sleeplessness. Once the mattress is enclosed in the zipper, put some strong tape where the zipper closes as a precaution so that no bed bug can ever escape. Bed bugs can survive for a year and six months with out a food source and because of this, they are able to occupy abandoned homes, apartments and buildings without being eradicated.

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