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Raid ant baits kill a variety of household ants including carpenter ants, argentine ants, pharoah ants, and others. It is highly recommended to also use Advance Carpenter Ant Granule Bait which is a protein bait. The active ingredient in Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel, Fipronil, is in the Phenylpyrazole family of insecticides and is used in many products when a delayed kill is desired, such as ant and roach baits.
Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel can be used whenever listed ants are present and foraging for sweets. Small pea sized placements should be made near ant trails or near areas where ants have been observed to forage. My wife and I just bought our "dream house," only to discover a major carpenter ant infestation (which our pest inspector didn't detect). At night on my deck I would see a lot of carpenter ants going back and forth from their nest.
The Terro Ant Bait consists of a mixture of boric acid and sugar in a liquid solution that attracts sweet eating ants. If you are in search of ant traps safe for cats and other home pets, as well as for your family, address insect traps with baits that kill not only ants, but also crickets and cockroaches that are inside your house.
To make the traps work properly it is important to keep the areas where all the food is stored clean: when there is no other food around, the insects are concentrated on baits only, and not on other products that they like better. As the majority of baits are enclosed in containers, pesticides that are inside them are not likely to be exposed. Attractant. This is usually a pheromone or food that makes the bait acceptable and also readily picked up. Though today’s market offers different traps that boast efficacy, we suggest trying out ant traps TERRO. Active ingredients kill the working ants, interfering with their digestive system, as well as working slowly enough giving them enough time for getting back to the nest and share the bait with the rest of the colony.
This product works on pharaoh ants and carpenter ants, controlling the infestation for 1 month. Traps are not poisonous to dogs, as their toxicity levels are pretty low, but the metal or plastic case can hurt the pet. As you see, though there are many solutions to use, ant traps are the best option to be addressed. Tips for those who have pharoh ants (ants attracked to sweets and protien) non repellant traps work best. We are trying the traps by raid but I’m wondering if we are supposed to let the ants keep walling around to the traps or kill them. I have two different worries with Ants, first I have a small Maltese dog who seems to pick up an odd ant on her coat, which are very tiny and hard to see, then sits with me in the chair and I end up with bites all over, any one know of any thing I can do to keep the ants off of my little dog. Second I now find I have very tiny ants in my cupboard I have no idea how they got there also on my counter, I have got traps in the cupboard and on the counter but I never see the ants go any where near the traps, please any ideas. I just moved into a mobile home in a park community and there are little black ants all over in the yard is covered with ant hills and the home is full of ants in the walls in every room. Oh my gosh my ants are just as bad and ours don’t stay in lines to find out what they ate after, they just kind of wander around EVERYWHERE. Like I suggested to Harry, I think the Terro traps works great to kill off the nest and queen and to help control any further infestations.

As for the flying ants (any pests with wings), these are future queen ants or pests I believe. We just got ants in our town house and have the traps, the ants are taking to the traps but now we seem to have more ants, all in a line going to the trap and back out. I think the original scouts that bring back the bait to the colony attract additional scouts, which is good. You should always give ants a choice as they may be in the mood for either a protein (granule) or a sugar (gel) bait. Bait is simple and convenient to use, and it is ideal in situations where sprays may not be desired.
Apply bait directly into crack and crevices and where ants may travel, in areas such as between different elements of construction, openings leading into voids and hollow spaces, around plumbing pipes, cabinets, sinks, and stoves. Place gel outdoors into, on or adjacent to structures where you see ants, next to ant trails and suspected areas of ant activity.
I killed like 5-10 ants a DAY by hand until I freaked and bought the Maxforce Carpenter Ant gel tube. They swarmed on the first warm day; were all over our upstairs, in our infant and toddler's rooms, traveling through AC ducts. This morning I decided to put out the Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel along a beam that I have seen the ants use as a 'trail'. I had carpenter ants on my deck outside and they were coming inside and built a nest in a wall. Put the gel in many different places where the carpenter ants were traveling and watched them everyday for five days (5-10 ants at a time). I tried other sprays from one of the big box stores and had no luck getting rid of the ants. The patented design keeps the liquid bait from drying out and protects it from the elements.
It is in making sure that the ants find the bait, eat it and take some of it back to the queen that is in the nest. We know how to help, how to get rid of ants in the house – here is the best info on the web. Though the traps work slowly they allow ants to make not one, but several trips to deliver enough poison to the colony and the queen.
Perhaps one of the drawbacks is the size, as you should use several traps in order to see the final result. We had this problem in my home and are trying to find something that will kill the ants, without attracting the mice. I’d suggest glue traps for them, which are pretty horrid, but definitely do the trick. The garden ants have all but ravaged my plants, eaten the he’ll out of all my plants.
I have put traps from where they usually comes but I wanna know if this stuff really works because I can’t even sleep right knowing they might be on me or on my bed but they are literally driving me crazy!! Maxforce gel uses a delayed action kill so the bait is passed throughout the carpenter ant colony. Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel is tough on ants, yet gentle on people, pets, and the environment.

Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel lets the ants take the product to the colony for you, avoiding the guessing game of finding a nest. Do not apply bait to areas where food or utensils may become contaminated or areas that are routinely washed, such as food preparation surfaces. Likely locations for ants and gel placements are points of entry into structures and areas with potential water damage including: eaves, soffits, weep holes, where wires and pipes come into the building structure, trees, stumps, roots, wood decks, fences, planter boxes, woodpiles, landscaping, and railroad ties. I ordered the ant bait gel and placed it near the entry to nest and their path that they always used. Traps are better than sprays, as after sprays many insects die before taking the baits to the nest, thus the efficiency of this method is low, and this is when most users believe that ant traps are not working. All you have to do is place a pre-filled liquid ant bait station somewhere near the door areas, where you’ve noticed insects.
Of course, this is just a perfect solution for people living in condos, small houses and apartments with common household ants. I keep raid ant baits under their cages about 4 inches from the back wheels but against the walls.
Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel provides for the sweet diet of carpenter ants and therefore works well when used in conjunction with a protein-based bait as well such as Advanced Carpenter Ant Bait. Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel provides for the sweet diet of carpenter ants and therefore works well when used in conjunction with a protein-based product such as Advance 375A Carpenter Ant Bait. It is recommended to use a protein bait such as Advance Carpenter Ant Bait in conjunction with a gel bait.
These traps kill all worker ants in a couple of days, providing the foraging ants with enough time for sharing the bait with the rest of the colony.
If you have small children or pets, you can use traps without getting worried about the effect on them.
I sprayed all over with vinigar and water and woke up this morning to a pile of ants all over the bathroom sink. These traps prevent baits from drying out, ensuring that the ants have a continuous supply of liquid, night and day. I did not know what I do now that baits are the only way to effectively deal with these pests. Please if anyone has any suggestions as to how to get rid of these ants let me know…I cant relax until I know they are gone!!!! I kept feeding them the bait and within 3 days queen ants were walking around drunk and dying.
And now this is day 7, I havent seen any ants today, except the ones I poisoned outside (die ants, DIE!).
Reapply in the same area if bait is gone or in a different location if no ant activity is evident. I placed some of the advance carpenter bait granules near the place, and closer to where I suspect a nest.

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