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Talpirid Kill Moles Bait Poison - 1 box (20 mole baits) Buy $40.00 for Sale Fast Free Shipping Pest Supply with Cheaper!
Talpirid Kill Moles Bait Poison - 1 box (20 mole baits) developed by Bell Laboratories, Inc., is the first and only mole bait designed, developed and scientifically proven to kill moles. Many turfgrass managers, gardeners and homeowners feel that the presence of moles is due to the presence of white grubs. Most people have never seen a mole; however they are well aware of the damage caused to lawns and ornamental beds.
Moles live most of their life underground and are highly specialized animals for their subterranean way of life. Moles also create mounds (called molehills) of soil in the lawn by pushing up soil developing deeper, permanent tunnels and nesting cavities. Trapping and baiting become the best methods for mole control due to the feeding habits of moles.
Effective traps include the "Easy Set" Mole Eliminator scissor trap, the "Victor" and "Sweeney" harpoon traps, and the "Nash" hoop trap. Since moles are attracted to yards that have an abundant supply of insects, keeping the larvae populations of insects reduced should reduce mole activity. Although we have not seen any data to substantiate this observation, we have noticed over the years that homeowners with pets seem less likely to get moles.
There is one which does work and having had it in the market for a over a year we have seen good results. Now if you have open dens and tunnels with holes, it would be wise to get some bait applied down these entrance points. If you don’t have much of an insect population and believe the moles are targeting your earthworm population, you may want to opt for the more expensive TALPIRID BAIT. If you are not able to use either of these designs but want to try trapping, get MOLE TUNNEL TRAPS. Since moles have a high metabolism, they must constantly seek food which is why so many tunnels can appear so quickly and without notice. Though trapping moles is usually the fastest and surest way to control unwanted activity, it is not always easy. If you are unsure where the main den tunnel is located or if you don’t want to use the kill trap or bait, you can spray a repellent material which will make the ground taste terrible.
The very best approach when using Whole Control is to combine the spraying with the use of some MOLE REPELLENT. There are generally two times when these sound devices should be considered as valid options for resolving conflict and getting moles off your property.
The second type of application these devices are useful for is when you have a lot or adjacent land which has mole activity and you want to keep them out of your yard. Please show your support for our business by purchasing the items we recommend from the links provided.
I’ve used milky spore for the last two years and thought I might have the problem under control but this year the moles are back. Mounds of soil (molehills) and surface tunnels (feeding runways) are the common signs of mole presence. Their frequent feeding activity allows for effective trapping and baiting in just a few hours.

A hole re-plugged with soil indicates a mole passed through that feeding tunnel making it an active feeding tunnel for that day. Controlling a few moles in an average size lawn (5000 square feet) will greatly reduce mole activity.
Available baits include Kaput Mole Control (syringe applicator), Moletox Baited Gel (syringe applicator), Talpirid (earthworm shaped bait), Motomco Mole Bait (earthworm and grub shaped baits), and TomCat Mole Killer (earthworm and grub shaped baits). When a void in the carrying capacity (number of moles a given areas can support) of a given area is realized, more moles will move in searching for earthworms and other insects. It is not uncommon for them to cause damage to all types of turf including Bermuda and Fescue. Both will work but the larger unit is well worth the investment since it will work for all types of granules including fertilizer.
These remedies include flooding their tunnels with water, using smoke bombs and treating with rat bait.
But don’t be careless with bait by sprinkling it in open areas subject to weather and non target animals like dogs or worse yet, children. If you are getting some of the material listed above to kill the local insects, apply the bait at least one day after the treatment. It has the length, shape and feel of a real worm so when found by a mole, they won’t let it go. There are many devices on the market which reportedly emit some type of ultra sound which is thought to irritate moles. The first is when you have moles or voles targeting a specific plant or tree under which to live.
If a neighbor reports having a mole problem, setting up some of these as a barrier between your property and the neighbor will most likely keep them off your land.
If you have a bad problem and want to make it as unpleasant as possible for the persistent moles, then the more powerful SONIC MOLE CHASER will be your best bet. But since you brought it, these treatment options are safe for use around pets, people and other animals as well as the local environment. Now if you don’t have any mole problems but want to treat for grubs for preventive maintenance, Milky Spore can be considered.
While moles do feed on white grubs, grubs are not present at this time of year (late winter to early spring). Learning to use repellents, traps, and baits and making use of a broom handle or similar stick can greatly reduce mole activity in as little as three hours.
However, the one thing these people all had in common that might be keeping moles out is that they treat for fleas.
If you aren’t getting bait acceptance using the insect based Mole Bait, the Talpirid will assuredly work. Several brands of mole repellents include Chase, Liquid Fence, Molemax, Mole Out, Mole Scram, and Scoot Mole.
Moles are a nuisance around the home and garden because they dig tunnels just below the surface of the ground.
Although they are insectivores, moles have been found to like certain root systems common plants in the garden have to offer. If you have a yard which has not been treated for insects before, it is recommended that you do two treatments twice a year for a year or two.

Spraying their grass for flea control has kept many insects from being able to live which reduces the chances of getting moles.
This device is easy to use and will help get the bait placed down deep in the tunnel which will help with quicker acceptance and less chance of it getting noticed by some animal above. If you spray over the bait you will contaminate it and the moles will ignore your placements.
Yes it is pricey but the ease of use, the quick results it will yield and the fact that it’s a very safe bait to employ all make it a smart choice.
Since the bait is so inexpensive to use we always recommend it along with the use of traps.
This is due to the fact that very infrequently do moles reuse the same tunnels over and over. At least a day following the spraying you can apply some Mole Bait no further than 10 feet intervals down into the tunnels trying to make these placements where you have seen tunnels pushed back up. We believe that many plants are killed by moles which are feeding on insects nesting and living around plants and shrubs. Even if you know the main tunnel they are nesting in, moles are strong and can easily escape the rush of water. Using sound for such limited applications is valid and if there aren’t other plants for them to focus in on, they will many times simply leave. If you want the best and you want to set up a fortress through which local moles cannot penetrate, then get this unit. This article will address how to control the insect population moles feed on and then offer suggestions on how to control the moles.
We have also seen people who have pets and also have moles but they always seem to be people who don’t do much of the flea problem.
Smoke bombs prove to be equally useless because the moles will exit the treated tunnels to areas the smoke is not reaching. If you don’t get them quickly with the traps you should be able to kill them off with the bait. Regardless, treatment for many pests in and around the yard will keep insect populations down which in turn will keep moles looking for food in someone else’s yard. Since moles only use tunnels once except for the main den bait placements made too far apart will be missed. All three traps must be set where moles are nesting so identifying den areas is critical to successful trapping. But for any serious problem, you will be better off investing in the Sonic Unit with it’s extra power being a big boost to performance.
Within a growing season or two you should have killed off enough of the insect population so that local moles will have to go elsewhere to find food. It will last a month or two and it’s effect is to kill the insect larvae which moles are seeking. The Sonic Sound Chasers can also help and since the work around the clock, they can help provide a uniform barrier through which moles won’t want to pass.

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