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CHARACTERISTICS: Female Black Widows are well-known and particularly feared for their venomous bites. Though they bite, Black Widows generally tend to avoid human contact altogether preferring the saftey of their webs instead. Most people can tell you about the more dangerous of these “eight-legged monsters” which, in the United States, includes the black widow and brown recluse. While these predators may have reputations as notorious as the Black Widows, the Brown Recluse is not nearly as recognizable. Most bites, which occur after the spider is disturbed in a pile of clothing or linen, occur without the victim noticing but become painful within 2 to 8 hours of the bite. The exceptions are when the history of a black widow bite is not clear, if the bite was not witnessed, and when associated symptoms require the exclusion of more serious disorders, such as heart attack.

The Lactrodectus mactans, or the Black Widow, is easily identified by the glaring bright red hourglass on the under-side of its body. Like most things in nature, remember that the spiders fear you infinitely more than you fear them (in their multiple pairs of eyes, we are the attacking giants). If you are the unlucky recipient of a presumed spider bite, rest assured that the small, itchy red bump is not cause for concern and can be simply treated at home with ice and regular cleaning (saving you the trouble of waiting in the doctors office, standing in a long line in an emergency room, or making a phone call to an Australian spider bite hotline). The male is smaller than the female and is brown in color with white markings on the sides of the abdomen and longer legs than the female. While spider bites can cause local tissue damage, their effects are usually just that: local. Serious complications can occur but they do so in very rare cases, proving that a spider’s venom may not be powerful enough (or voluminous enough) to spread throughout your body (even if it was going to make you superhuman).
For the most part, bites are usually benign to humans, mainly because spiders are too small and don’t have long enough fangs or strong enough muscles to cause serious damage.

Lastly, it is extremely helpful for the spider to be caught (or at least clearly identified) so that any specific treatment for those dangerous bites can be appropriately given. Spider venom, as malicious as it sounds, is often too small in volume or does not have any pathologic affect on humans (apparently we are not their first food choice, evolutionarily speaking). Unless the bite is seen and the spider is identified, you will need to have very specific symptoms to know that your itchy red bump is truly a spider bite. Similar to Black Widow bites, uncomplicated bites only require symptomatic treatment, including ice, compression, and regular wound care.

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