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Unfortunately just like people, pests also enjoy the warm Florida weather and are often found hiding in parts of the home that are dark, quiet and away from humans. The attic is one of the most common places for pests to hide and if not brought under control could really cause lots of damage to your home. With 15 years of exterminating experience, our attic pest control professionals of Extra Mile Pest Control and Lawn Solution will help rid your attic of those pesky rodents. Another animal that can really stink up your attic are bats and if left to bred they can colonize your attic in large numbers.

Our team of professionals has dealt with many bat cases over the years and would love the chance to help you remove these creepy animals from your attic. Nothing can be more frightening than lying in bed at night and hearing a loud noise in your attic, just to wake up with your family wondering.
Many times this noise especially in South Florida is coming from a playful raccoon that has decided to call your attic home. Having a raccoon take up residence in your attic can be dangerous because a frightened raccoon can be a dangerous animal.

From rats to mice, there are a wide range of different spices of rodent that can thrive in attic environments.
So if you find yourself awake at night due to attic noises, why not give us a call and let us trap the animal for you!

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