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The Argentine Ant is a recent import and is now wide spread throughout the Auckland region.
The Argentine Ant (Linepithema humile) is one of the world’s most invasive ant species. In New Zealand Argentine ants threaten native invertebrates and many of our native bird species, either attacking them directly or by competing with them for resources like nectar and honeydew.
Acting as an outdoor only treatment, X-It Ant becomes rainfast after 1 hour of sunlight and when the ants crawl over the treated surface the fine particle adhere to their bodies.

It is a native of Argentina, but has since become a Tramp species, spreading throughout the world. They will eliminate other species of ants, and also eat or drive away most other insect and invertebrate species.
Argentine ant queens cooperate with each other so left un-treated you ant issue will probably get worse with time.
Often people comment " I put some food down and out of NO WHERE these ants appear and are all over it ".

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