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As the name implies, soldier termites are responsible for defending the colony against invaders. The physical features of the soldier termite are designed specifically for their role of colony defense.
If a pair of dealates come together, and the conditions are right for them, they may form a new colony and become king and queen. Navigator, CFO and Content Queen — Leading the LiveWorkDream Team along the path less traveled. I completely understand where you’re coming from as I never developed a fondness for the many creatures (centipedes that have fangs and that bite like rattlesnakes, cockroaches, spiders, etc.) of Hawaii so you have my empathy on this one. And so they both embraced, the embrace of two friends who have passed through many a stove-pipe and grease trap together. Well I’m in California and it was 30 deg outside this am when I hit the road for my 60 mile ride to work. I might want to rethink if it is worth it to go RVing there~ Hope you guys are having a blast there other than dealing with bugs though. When I got back the walls were covered with thousands of bugs, including those flying cockroaches.! I know a huge number of people who live there and for the life of me, I don’t know why.
How To Hit The RoadRead our free report packed with tips for transitioning to the location independent lifestyle. Depending on the size of the colony, the queen can hatch between a few hundred and few thousand eggs per day.

They are responsible for a wide variety of roles, including foraging, food storage, feeding the queen and defense (in certain species, although soldiers are the main ones responsible for colony defense).
The male royalty of the colony, together with the queen, he secretes chemicals known as pheromones to determine how many of their offspring become nymphs, workers or soldiers.
The state name alone conjures up images of white sand beaches, sun baked old farts, golf carts, and tropical umbrella drinks. Keep a watch around your RV, don’t leave things on the ground for too long, and check under your astroturf tarp often.
Yes, it’s warm and the living is easy, however, when the armies of evolution’s evolvements pass the word around that warm is good (as insects have limited internal warming ability) then the party is on.
Lake Tahoe was 2deg this morning, we left there yesterday afternoon and it was 21deg and snowing on the summit at 3pm.
Only our Fifth Wheel had a little accident and is in shop for repair for the next month or so, now we have to fly there and stay in a hotel for January. The worker stage is terminal, meaning once termites reach the worker stage, they cannot grow any further.
They grow large and fragile wings and are able to feed themseleves, until swarming season comes. Some people say they serve a purpose, but I don’t know why they would be put on this earth, other than for an occasional laugh. I realize that my attempts to secure our rig from these predators is probably futile, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to live in such a small space and live in fear of these useless creatures!
The soldier and worker stages are terminal stages, meaning they cannot grow any further, whereas the nymphs will grow to become reproductive termites, which grow wings, later shedding them.

The chemical messages from the king and queen determine whether these larvae are to develop into workers, soldiers or nymphs. Once the victim is trapped, the soldier termites emit a thick, gluey substance to immobilize their victims. While waiting to grow up, nymphs help to take care of the larvae, as well as the kings and queens. But then, today, one week later, I found a swarming nest of ants inside the crate our generator was sitting in. I’ve always been a mosquito magnet, and since arriving here, their attraction to me has been even stronger. I’ve applied all of my products, and all unrefrigerated, open bags of food are going into ziplocs. These larvae will mold several times, before fully developing to assume their different roles.
The queen, along with the queen, secret pheromones, a chemical that determines how many of their offspring develop into what castes. You name it, this state has some of the nastiest insects that we’ve encountered on our entire trip.

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