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All Seasons Termite & Pest Control - wood destroying insects    dietCarpenter ants are omnivorous. Usually during the first hot spell in late spring, the Winged Carpenter Ant will emerge from the colony. They are often mistaken for the Winged Termite, which also serves the same mission and emerges around the same time. By observing the insect: the Winged Carpenter Ant is considerably larger, has three distinct body segments, and has wings that are a translucent brown and extend only slightly past the body. Nesting SitesCarpenter ants normally build their nests in hollow trees, logs, posts, landscaping timbers and wood used in homes and other structures. In comparison, the wings of the Winged Termite are longer than the body and break off shortly after they emerge.
In other words, if you see a small pile of wings on the floor that?s a sure sign of Winged Termites, not Winged Carpenter Ants. They prefer moist or partially decayed wood, frequently entering existing cavities or void areas through cracks and crevices.
If you observe any Winged Carpenter Ants in or around your home, it may be an indication that a nest exists either in your home or possibly in a nearby tree.

Colonial Pest Control specializes in finding and eliminating Carpenter Ant nests no matter where they are located. Call us today at 1-800-525-8084 for details on Winged Carpenter Ant extermination or to schedule an on-site inspection. Access to the outside may be through natural openings, or the ants may cut openings where none exist naturally.
Shredded wood fragments from the excavations are carried from the nest and deposited outside. They hollow out wood to build their nests, making their galleries and chambers velvety-smooth as if a carpenter had sanded the surfaces. Carpenter ants are an excellent indicator of moisture problems in a building, or other condi-tions conducive to their infestation, such as rot-ting wood, that need attention. All stages can be found in a colony, but identification is made from the adults, which are the familiar ant-like insects with 6 legs, 3 distinct body regions with a constricted waist, and prominent elbowed antennae. These ants vary from a solid dull black or yellowish-red to a combination of black and dull red or reddish-orange.
Carpenter ants have only one segment or node between their thorax and abdomen, a circle of hairs at the tip of their abdomen, and an evenly rounded thorax when viewed from the side.

Winged carpenter ants resemble winged termites and, in Texas, it is not uncommon for both of these important wood-destroying insects to swarm at about the same time. The colony remains small during the first year, but in later years it grows rapidly, up to a maxi-mum of 2,000 to 3,000 ants. It usually takes 3 to 6 years for a colony to reach this size, at which time winged reproductives are produced.
Upon reaching its mature size, the colony rarely grows larger, but workers are produced continually to replace ones that die or are lost.
Insecticide treatmentTreat carpenter ant nests with a residual insecticide applied either as a dust or spray. You may need to drill small holes into wall voids, window and door sills, baseboards and other areas to reach the nest or major part of the colony.
Dust formulations are particularly effective, as the ant activity tends to spread the dust throughout the colony.

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