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How to get rid of termites: The best way to properly protect your home from a termite attack in Adelaide depends on variables like size, construction, soil type etc. Ants have elbowed antennae, where the first segment is much longer than the segments that follow. Forewings of reproductive (queen and male) ants are larger than hindwings, while reproductive termites have two sets of wings of similar size and shape, often twice the length of their body. Both ants and termites live in colonies or nests where one or relatively few individuals reproduce while non-reproductive individuals cooperate to care for brood, maintain the nest, and defend the colony.
Despite these similarities, ants and termites are not very closely related and developed social behavior independently. Complex social organization and large colony size has facilitated the success of many ants and termites, which are critical to ecosystem functioning around the world.
Whether ant or termite, social insects are a fascinating and important part of global biodiversity.
Termite pest control experts estimate that as many as 14 subterranean termite colonies exist per acre. As if the above-described damage weren't enough, termites have a built-in insurance policy that makes it possible for other termites to perpetuate the damage to your home, creating a vicious cycle.
As such, there are several key distinctions between ants and termites in the details of social life.
Ants and termites are essential bioturbators, overturning and enriching soil by excavating tunnels and amassing nutrient-rich resources at nest sites.

Also called white ants, termites cause more damage to Adelaide and Australian homes each year than fire and flood combined. That means that an average home could have as many as four termite colonies either directly under it or adjacent to it. Central heating, now practically a standard feature in single-family homes, has made it easier than ever for termite populations to grow and prosper nearly anywhere in the United States. Foundations most vulnerable to termite entry are basements and concrete slabs -- in other words, the foundations underneath most homes. As they discover sources of food (wood) throughout your home, termites actually leave a trail of chemicals behind, which in essence, signals fellow termites of the presence of a food source ahead. It's best to get your home inspected occasionally by a professional who knows the subtle warning signs of termite infestation, and where to look for them. Although all ants and termites are eusocial, both groups vary broadly in colony size and social sophistication.
In colonies of ants, bees, and wasps, virtually all nestmates are sisters, and the nest is typically headed by one or a limited number of queens. Ants also play a host of other roles, serving as predators, prey, and seed dispersers to a variety of organisms, while termites recycle otherwise inaccessible nutrients into the ecosystem by decomposing wood with the aid of gut bacteria or protists. For that, you need a Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection (PPI) to report on termite and borer activity, fungal decay and issues like ventilation and damp likely to cause future termite problems. Mature colonies of certain species may contain fewer than 100 physically similar individuals, while colony membership can swell to several million individuals in other ant and termite species and include several morphologically and behaviorally specialized castes (e.g.

Please visit our Pre Purchase Building Inspection service for termite control and white ant control. This provides plenty of room for termites to pass through your floor and into your home, where they multiply faster than a warehouse full of rabbits. Unfortunately, once termites have gained entry into your home, they're natural born hunters of wood. By contrast, termite colonies are founded by a king and queen, which meet in a mating swarm and together select a nest site. Sadly, every day at Murray’s we see the heart breaking damage termites cause to homes where owners thought they had nothing to worry about. Unlike the female-only colonies of ants, males are an integral part of a termite colony's workforce and may be workers, soldiers, or both, depending on the termite species. Start with a Visual Termite Inspection & Report (VTIR), by a qualified Murray’s technician.

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