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The anti spider spray will help your trap attract crystal spiders once it is in your inventory (Inventory Special items). 9 April 2014: The anti spider spray was first added to the accessories in Virtual Scotland. Containing active chemical ingredients like resmethrin, pyrethrins and allethrin, an anti spider spray is very effective when looking for spider control methods. The choice of a proper spray should depend on whether you have kids and pets at home, suffer from allergies or any other diseases. Chemical sprays have been used for many years already and have proved the high level of their efficiency. If you are suffering from a major infestation and aren’t sure which spray to choose and how to use it, call a professional. Mix 1 quantity of water with 1 ounce of neem oil and 5 drops of peppermint, lavender, cinnamon, citronella or tea tree oil in a spray bottle. There is one more reason to try organic repellents: they don’t harm the spiders, but the insects don’t like the way these repellents taste, so they start running around and find another place for living.

One of the most essential rules to remember while making your natural spray is that it should be spider-unfriendly.
The only possible limitation of work with the spray is that spiders prefer covered and secluded areas, which are difficult to reach. Though such sprays are available in many local stores, there are many things that are to be considered before you are buying any of them. Though this type of spray is not highly effective, but it is a great alternative to poisonous chemical compounds. Using this product, you can take your time, do the research and destroy all spiders and nests you find. Chemicals that are usually used in sprays like these are harmful not only to spiders, but also to animals and people. Spider killers have access to much stronger chemicals and can help to get rid of insects in a short time.
Spray the mixture around entryways, walkways, in cracks in the wall and dark corners, crevices and attic, around windowsills and baseboards, floorboards and in places where you see spiders from time to time.

If you consider warnings and follow the instructions, you will soon forget about spiders in you home. After an organic spray spiders won’t disappear within one night only, but soon you will notice their decrease. Some people prefer buying sprays in metal cans, which are regarded to as more effective for killing bathroom and closet spiders. Try to keep dark places of your home free of debris under which dozens of spiders can find their shelters. It’s very important to stay calm, while killing spiders with a spray that has no chemicals. If you have many plants and flowers in your garden, use organic pesticides to repel those spiders that live under wood.

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