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Mathematical scientists have looked for self-organizing principles whereby each ant passes on information to the next.  These theories assume that ants function like a computer, through rapid interactions and distributed processing. From recent research it is certainly possible that individual ants possess intelligence as well as some remarkable group behavior. Recently, it was shown that ants are able to perceive threats of varying degrees and adjust their responses—e.g.
To determine a new location for the hive, ants undergo a competition, which is similar to the bee’s waggle dance described in a previous post.
Very recent research has shown that when separated from their hive, ants take advice from their more experienced individual brethren, scout ants who had memorized other good locations, about the rebuilding of a new home.

Some ants that farm fungus for food have been shown to use multiple antibiotics to kill weeds, and inhibit microbes.  This has been likened to doctors using multiple antibiotics for resistant infections in humans. But, perhaps, one of the most remarkable tricks of the insect kingdom belongs to the fire ants.
Our research shows that ants are individuals and can produce inventive solutions saving the colony from crisis. Species of ants where leaders used to be professionals but in crises leaders were changed to socially active ants rather than professionals. Ants clearly act as individuals and exhibit leadership.  But, groups of ants can do remarkable feats together such as the fire ant raft.

For instance, if food is discovered, more ants will be sent to this location within minutes.

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