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This article seems to be recommending 20 Mule Team Borax in the laundry section at the market. Below is a complete step-by-step guide, with pictures, showing exactly how I create my own borax ant killer traps. These 13 easy to follow steps will show you exactly how to get rid of ants effectively.The recipe for homemade ant killer is pretty simple, and can vary. I’ve experimented and found a mixture and homemade ant trap style that works perfectly!
The most popular brand of borax is 20 Mule Team and can be found in the laundry aisle of most stores.

This is a key step in the process, as you don’t want any part of the mixture to contain too much borax and too little sugar. I’ve even read other suggestions on the internet that say they use only borax mixed with syrup for their ant killer recipe. When you achieve this consistency, you will know that you will have the perfect borax ant killer mixture. You could place the borax for ants poisonous mixture on these and leave them out in the open for the ants to find. For my example though, I chose to make my own homemade ant traps using various plastic containers and even glass baby food jars. Do not place holes near the bottom of the container as this would cause the borax ant killer to leak out.

You don’t want to use too little though, as you want the scent to be able to drift out of the traps so the ants will find it. Place the ant traps either where you know there are already ants or where you suspect they might try to get into your building.
If you already have ants inside, place them in various spots at or near where you saw the ants. Make sure you read the How To Get Rid of Ants section of this site to learn exactly why and how this will be effective.

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