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Since long I had this desire to know the names and proper identity of some five to six common species of ants in our region. I have tried several times to get a really good shot of some ants and their larva, but so far I haven't been satisfied with any of the results.
A few days have passed since the publication by Bonasio et al of the first ant genomes, those of the Florida Carpenter ant Camponotus floridanus and the Indian jumping ant Harpegnathos saltator. Although the paper is initially framed as a comparison between the two species, that aspect of the research is not as informative as you might think.
This photo of the Common Indian Black Ant is the first of a series, a personal effort to get to know these common friends of humans.

Among the banished treasures are bits on bacterial endosymbionts (the team recovered nearly the entire Blochmannia genome out of the Camponotus and they discovered an unexpected Rhizobiales in the Harpegnathos), and sex determination (neither ant apparently uses the csd locus from the other completed eusocial genome, the honey bee). The end of the year should see publication of the genomes of four additional ants, including a leafcutter ant, a fire ant, the Argentine ant, and a harvester ant. I like ants and their pheromone guided paths and relationships, some symbiotic in nature.These ants are industrious and have thriving colonies. I also checked out your link to your previous photo of the ant colony and their eggs and I think it is awesome.
The selection of what made the primary paper and what was cut appears to reflect the medical focus of the PIs and the funding source rather that what we ant bloggers like to think of as important.

Regardless, the Bonasio et al paper is a strong opening salvo to the new era of ant genomics. These and other other trait differences cloud our ability to make sense of which genomic features track the social organization and which are involved in other aspects of the ants’ biology.

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