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Tiny Workers: Ants in Your Backyard  is a wonderfully illustrated and written book that will undoubtedly appeal to children. One Hundred Hungry Ants is not a book that will teach a child about the life of an ant (except that ants are busy). The Ants Go Marching (Classic Books With Holes) is one of my favorite songs to sing with my children.
The book gives a description of the body, eating and mating habits, and lifecycle of the ant. The real life illustrations highlight the amazing features and facts about ants and their homes.

Reading the book took a great deal of time because I was bombarded with loads of questions about the ants, their swarm and the ecosystem within which these ants live. The book describes how ants differ from other insects, especially in their socialization, and describes the unique ways ants communicate.
The book covers number of body parts with a lot of counting, types of ants with a focus on different colors, habitat, feeding, and life cycle.
My sons clearly became captivated with the ants, rather than afraid or creeped out by them, which was my goal in teaching them a bit more about the amazing qualities of these small insects.
I imagine using this book along with a concrete objects, such as mini ants, beads or small blocks.

Ants are accessible to us humans as we often see them in our own backyards and playgrounds.
The ant, essentially pleading for his life, helps the boys understand a bit more about why his life matters. The illustrations and format with text makes the books simple to follow and to read to children.

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