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Canadian Pacific orders to dismantle and remove community gardens along the Arbutus Corridor could be delayed by an infestation of European fire ants in the garden plots near East Boulevard and 68th Avenue. They are present on every continent, except Antarctica, and are highly diversified to be able to take advantage of many niche environments all over the world.There are approximately 700 species of ants found in North America, but only about 25 of those are known to infest homes. Keeping trees cut back away from the roof and siding eliminates this avenue for infestation. Leaving pet food out is just as attractive to ants as a pile of sugar on the kitchen floor.
An ant infestation can lead to many problems including food contamination, stings or bites, and structural damage to a home.
Be sure to wipe up food from counters and around the sink after meals and clean kitchen floors regularly to remove messes that will attract ants.
Ants will exploit these areas because of the water and proximity to the shelter of your home.

Leafcutter ants are frequently found near foliage and could take the opportunity to investigate a home. Making sure the area is clean of food bits or splashed water will reduce the risk of attracting ants. Storing woodpiles or building materials near the home gives ants the security of a home with access to the food and water they seek inside. Nests can also be hard to find as ants can travel up to 100 feet in one day, and some species of ants forage at night.
Eliminating ways for ants to enter the home can seem like a daunting task, but the upkeep of siding, weather-stripping, and basements can also keep out other pests that find your home appealing, too. Being diligent about sealing these areas and making repairs will help prevent an infestation. Monitoring the piping throughout your home for leaks or damage and repairing it in a timely manner can help avoid attracting ants. Shrubs and gardens are also good places for ants to build a nest and access the foundation through loose mortar.

Following ant trails to find the colony and waiting until most individuals are in the nest can be the best way to eliminate them.
If you suspect an ant infestation, call a qualified and licensed pest professional to assess the situation and recommend treatment options.
Pest-proofing your home to make it unappealing and keep ants out is worth the benefits of preventing a possible infestation.
Some species, such as red imported fire ants, are very aggressive and their stings can cause white pustules and allergy attacks, so the best option is to call a pest professional to properly identify the ant species and handle the situation.

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