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Alabama is full of wildlife, including snakes, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, opossums, and more. Crazy Niche Market for Pest Control in AL"I just want to get out and dance in the wild!" How many times have we heard this refrain from ourselves or co-workers who spent four years cloistered within classrooms only to land a job working within a 6' x 6' next to some fat smelly dude. To allow a visible area on block walls for termite inspector access, Alabama Professional Services will also install a clear plastic cap on the tops of the walls, allowing vapor barrier protection while providing an installation that will still allow inspection. No matter what your needs in your crawl space, Alabama Professional Services would like to help. We serve the entire state of Alabama, including Albertville, Anniston, Auburn, Birmingham, Center Point, Cullman, Dadeville, Decatur, Dothan, East Killen, Florence, Fort Payne, Gadsden, Hoover, Huntsville, Jackson, Jasper, Madison, Marion, Mobile, Montgomery, Opp, Phenix City, Prattville, Troy, and Tuscaloosa.

Before launching his own underground rodent control business this year with a partner, Denton Effingtonne had already proven his business chops in the "cubicle" world. Additionally, vented crawl spaces in Alabama will create an access point for insects, animals, and all types of pests, inviting infestations in your home. Read on to see the steps we take to install a crawl space encapsulation system, or click here to sign up for a free estimate and inspection on a crawl space moisture barrier system in your Alabama home!
The crawl space vapor barrier installed by Alabama Professional Services is 20 mil thick and comes with seven layers of polyester cord, high-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene. Formerly a Alabama Instrument executive, then a market strategist for Curex Corp., Effingtonne later launched a joint venture with a Fortune 500 company to manufacture and market wildlife vision equipment nationally.

The SaniDry Crawl Space Dehumidifier, available with Alabama Professional Services, is a self-draining, powerful design that's Energy Star Rated and powerful enough to do the job the way you want it to.

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