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Ants live in colonies with dozens to millions of members, and whether judged by weight or impact, they can dominate ecosystems. Explanations for the ants’ extraordinary success lie in their genomes – their entire catalog of genes. Like all social insects, Argentine ants communicate via chemical signals, and in 2009 Tsutsui ignited an ant war among friendly ants by doping them with chemicals that trigger aggressive behavior. Although the human genome project has yet to deliver its promised cargo of health benefits, Tsutsui said the new genome for the pesky ant “will provide a huge resource for people interested in finding effective, targeted ways of controlling the Argentine ant” by manipulating genes to interfere with mating, sparking inter-colony wars, developing repellants or luring ants into traps. After million of years, the ants and fungi have evolved together, developing a serious case of co-dependency. The new genome emphasizes the fundamental nature of the symbiosis, says Suen, because it showed that the ants lack a gene for synthesizing the amino acid arginine.
Giant colonies of leaf-cutter ants are major but indirect plant-eaters in New-World tropical forests, where they harvest up to 17 percent of all leaves.

Because leaf-cutter ants descended from ants that grew fungus with less sophistication, in much smaller gardens, the gene may have disappeared even before the leaf-cutters evolved between 8 and 12 million years ago, says Cameron Currie, associate professor of bacteriology at UW-Madison and study co-author. As ants don’t do a lot of reading and talking, chemical communication will likely be a focus for further genomic analysis.
More broadly, information about the genes of a highly successful organism with millions of cooperating individuals ought to be intriguing to another highly successful, but sometimes less cooperative, organism that has more brains, fewer legs, and equally large cities.
Leaf-cutter ants live a complicated life, and the identical set of genes allows them to become queens, soldiers, or several types of worker. These social insects are some of the most successful critters on the planet: Ants are invaders. Amino acids are building blocks of proteins, and all ants require arginine, but the pathway to make arginine in the leaf-cutter is broken, Suen says. Red harvester ants have at least 344 genes related to smell, more than any other known insect.

If the ants would die without their fungus crop, they have a survivalist interest in blocking the entry of other fungi.
To feed the fungus, leaf-cutters ants can harvest as much as 17 percent of the leaves in a forest –- making this tiny critter the biggest herbivore in many new-world tropical forests.
When, as an experiment, scientists treated leaves with fungicide, the ants quit collecting that species, Suen says. How they do this, we have no idea, but now we can do an experiment to see what genes are being turned on or off” under those circumstances, and therefore must be involved in recognizing the death, and warning the colony about it.

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