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If landscaping rocks don't fit your gardening style and you've purchased a home in which the previous owners used rocks everywhere, or if you have rocks leftover from a gardening project, you'll need to dispose of them properly. 4Advertise the rocks for free or for sale in your local newspaper, community bulletin or on a free classifieds website.
5Donate the landscaping rock to a charitable thrift store that deals with landscaping and building supplies.
6Call local landscaping companies to see if they'd be willing to purchase the rocks or haul them away for free. 7Contact local landscaping rock dealers, gravel companies or asphalt companies to offer the rocks. Wait to offer the free landscaping rock in spring when gardeners are busy cleaning up after winter.
When we started building our house there was a huge pile of rocks that Albert had picked from his fields over his 90 years of farming the same property where he was born. Right where Albert had piled it, we dug out a gully and laid down landscape cloth to make a rock river that flowed with the natural slope of the land and sort of separated the more tame part of our yard from the wild and free. The rock river acted as a wash so to speak, so when it rained the water would flow down the rocks making noise like a soothing babbling brook.
Water flowed so fast for so long, it displaced a good portion of the big rocks and sent them to the bottom of the usually dry rock river bed. So much so that it needed to be replaced and all the rocks that flowed to the bottom of the little hill needed to be picked and put back on the top and middle of the hill. Doing all that would make a lot of work, and double of it - remove them all to replace the landscape fabric, then put them all back into place.
So after 20 years of having a babbling brook next to our bedroom when it rains, Brawn made the decision to remove the majority of the rocks and plant grass. Rocks were left about midway so when water flows under the driveway through the culvert it won't wash everything away. The loader didn't tear up the yard too bad either, which was nice, although the rock moving was hard on some hostas that line the area, but they'll bounce back.

The rock pile was leveled off at the bottom of the hill, and if we ever need to use them they are easily picked. From time to time I might miss the sound of the water from the long path it would take down the hill during a decent rain, but I'll still be able to enjoy part of that sound from the top where the rocks remain.
And now I can take a short cut when it's time to mow the grass on the wild and free side of the yard, maybe even taming it a bit. I have a spot on the south side of my house with landscape rock (and some plastic underneath it)and very poor quality soil.
I may look into renting a rock vac (if I can find one) if it's not too expensive, but if I did that I would probably want to remove the rest of the rock out front too. Keep pea gravel separate from river rock and if possible, divide the rock by type, making separate piles for granite rocks and limestone rocks, for example. You don't have to scrub each rock with a brush, but you'll find it easier to get rid of the rock if you make an effort to remove any soil, leaves or grass debris.
Include in the advertisement whether the rocks are for pick-up only or if you are willing to deliver.
These type of stores sell your unwanted rocks at a reasonable prize, and the profits support good causes.
Professional landscapers have access to multiple clients and can usually make use of the rocks right away.
If landscaping rock dealers can't pass the rocks on for other landscaping uses, the rocks can be made into smaller gravel pieces or used in asphalt. Rarely should you ever have to pay to dispose of rocks because so many outlets will take them for free. People will be less willing to take the rock in winter when they aren't inspired to make use of it immediately.
Unfortunately, that is also the spot where the gardening bug hit a few years ago and I planted quite a few perennials.
Of course try to be careful around the plants, but I suspect you may want to replace some of the rock layer with some compost.

As for the grading next to the house, well it could easily stand to be improved and replacing the rock with other stuff will make that an easy task.
I was so excited when we first moved into our house becuase the previous owner had ripped out all the old overgrown srubs and had put in minimal new stuff.
The ad should also explain whether people can pick up only a small amount of rocks or if they must take them all. I knew at the time I should really remove the rock first, but I didn't see the harm of putting in a few plants. Have it ready when you rake, so you can recover newly exposed plant bases that should stay underground. Then with the first shovel I found that the previous landscape rock and plastic had NOT been removed - they just put dirt over top of it. I would see the only way to get this into the backyard would be to drive it over the lawn around the house behind the car.
In fact, when I bought this house, it had two shrubs and an arborvitae as foundation plants and they mowed around them.
Here's the problem: the rocks are a major PITA when it comes time to add new plants or move existing ones around. Lots of back breaking work and I still didn't get them all but that spot looks so much better now.
Also, the soil is poor quality and with the rocks it's nearly impossible to do anything about it.

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