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Laying patio pavers in your yard, driveway or pool area can provide an instant update to your landscaping. Choose something versatile, such as herringbone, which is a zigzag pattern, or a basket-weave pattern, which pairs the pavers in horizontal and vertical directions.
Consider more complex patterns, such as circular designs or a fan pattern, which includes arches and looks good on a walkway or driveway. Buy an extra supply of patio pavers in case you need to replace 1 or 2 that may become damaged or worn. Work with a landscape designer or gardener if you need advice on which pavers will work best for your project and yard.
Pavers are made from a lot of materials, including stone, concrete and brick, and they are available in many different colors, textures, patterns and styles.

Whether you want to use the pavers for pathways, stepping stones, walkways or edges, visualize how they will look on your property to get an idea of what you will be shopping for.
Talk to sales associates and customer service representatives about instructions on laying your pavers. Take a look at the supply of patio pavers available, and compare the different materials and colors. Your patio pavers will need to withstand traffic from people and animals, as well as your patio furniture.
Better Homes and Gardens always has ideas, or you can perform an Internet search to find helpful websites.
The maintenance required is minimal, and many homeowners enjoy using them to build walkways and extend patios.

Ask a sales professional or garden design expert what you need to do to keep your pavers looking good for a long period of time. Buy patio pavers by choosing specific patterns and materials that will complement the look of your house and yard.

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