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Organics “By Gosh” can help you qualify for the City of Austin’s WaterWise Landscape Rebate.
Planting native plants that don’t require as much water as non-native or exotic plants. For every 1% organic matter content, each cubic foot of soil can hold an additional 1.5 quarts of plant-available water.

With future water rationing and a growing responsibility to conserve our resources, Southern California is now realizing the benefits and potentials of this type of gardening. Water Wise Landscapes (Xeriscape) & California Natives conserve water, use natural materials and are sustainable by nature. Many plants don’t require the same amount of water once they become established, which can be as long as two years. Practical turf management, whether using minimal turf areas, low water turf varieties (i.e.

Some plants have a silver appearance due to hair like elements which reduce transpiration and save water.
WaterWise Landscape refers to landscaping and gardening in ways that reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental water from irrigation.  Major water savings can be made by converting your healthy turf grass to native plant beds and permeable hardscape.

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