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Above are examples of : A flush, custom-built modern fountain installed in a modern-cottage fusion landscape, two freestanding fountains installed in a Craftsman-Mission fusion landscape and Tuscan-inspired garden, and a custom-built water feature in a Spanish Mission style landscape featuring Talavera tiles. Here are more examples including a custom-made slate water feature installed in an ultra-modern bungalow, a freestanding Tuscan-style fountain, a pre-made Asian-fusion bubbling fountain and a custom made combination water feature and fire pit featuring sleek blue glass. If you are interested in having a custom water feature added to your landscape today, please talk to us about your free, risk-free consultation! DisclaimerAll content featured on this site, including text, photos and designs, are the property of Mooch Exterior Designs, Inc. Mooch Exterior Designs has been implementing pre-made and custom fountains and water features in San Diego landscapes since 2006. San Diego water features could develop a soothing oasis in your backyard as well as entice wildlife. Engineered to perfection, this backyard water wall was created to work well through many seasons.

While many San Diego landscapes are quite dry, the addition of a fountain or other water feature can transform your outdoor space into an oasis.
Distinct backyard water features to embellish your yard design may feature gurgling fountains, vanishing waterfalls, water walls and rain chains or custom downspouts.Gurgling FountainsThe noise of relocating water is tempting to birds that need drinking and showering sources. Instead of creating an elaborate water garden with a falls, you could copy the sound by installing a basic bubbling fountain, likewise called a bubbler. Placing a small recirculating water pump into your water-filled container and plugging it into an electrical outlet develops a water attribute immediately.Vanishing Waterfalls Are Excellent San Diego Water FeaturesGoing away or pondless waterfalls have the look and sound of standard falls attributes, however without the safety hazard. Pools where waterfalls empty could present a drowning danger small children, but in pondless features gravel-filled underwater catch basins gather the water. Recirculating pumps relocate water from the collection reservoir to the leading of the falls. Considering that there is no standing water, going away waterfalls additionally do not attract breeding mosquitoes.Water WallsWater walls could be built simply and inexpensively from a sheet of plastic, or elaborately and more expensively from marble or rock.

For smaller sized gardens that could not suit the pitch of a diagonally likely waterfall, a vertical water wall may function better. A submersible pump actions water through plastic tubes from the storage tank to the leading of the wall, where it may be hidden by stones or foliage. The wall surface might be smooth, which offers dropping water a sheeting appearance, or textured, which makes spraying sounds.Rain ChainsRainfall chains divert water from roofing systems more elegantly than traditional downspouts.
As roof water reaches rainfall chains, it cascades down big open chain web links into rain barrels or basins and bowls at ground level. Occasionally, rainfall falls from chains onto stream rocks or paver rocks, which transport water far from your home to irrigate lawn or flower beds.

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