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You've worked hard on your vegetable garden; reap the rewards with preventative measures against pests and disease. Home gardeners growing vegetables are by now knee-deep in their routines: weeding, watering, fertilizing and, hopefully, monitoring closely for insects, diseases and critter activity. Prevention Raking and thoroughly cleaning up the garden in early spring will remove not only leaves and debris, but slug eggs as well.

But the most effective weapon against rabbit damage is a chicken-wire fence installed around garden beds, which admittedly is unattractive.
Remedy Live traps set around the garden are quite effective for smaller rabbit populations, but figuring out where to release them poses a challenge. Gardeners growing organically can use a copper fungicide alternated with applications of Actinovate and Regalia, a regimen recommended by Meg McGrath, plant pathologist with Cornell University at the Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center in Riverhead who has been monitoring the region's late blight occurrences for several years.
Human hair stuffed into old nylon stockings and hung around the garden at rabbit-eye level also can serve as somewhat of a deterrent, as rabbits will sense a human presence nearby.
The problem is that unless you're planning to sit up all night in your garden with a salt shaker and apply to each pest individually, you'll need to sprinkle salt around your plants, and that can be harmful to soil.

Whether one plant is having a problem, or a whole crop, here's a list of some common problems in the vegetable garden and what causes them.

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