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If astronauts have any plans of staying on the moon for extended periods of time, they will have to be self-sustaining. This of course will not be a conventional garden with astronauts physically planting seeds on the rocky surface and hoping for the best. Sign in to use your custom avatar.ChickMonday, November 16, 2015 at 1:06 pmThen they might form a oxygen in space like earth!
In 9th grade, I had the genius idea to test how different types of water effected plants’ ability to thrive. Salty and Sweet died in a matter of days and the other one died shortly thereafter because, really, I didn’t care. Before farmers had modern scientific tools to plan their crops, they used the moon to determine what to plant and when to plant.
1Plant during the moon's first quarter above-ground vegetables that reproduce through seeds external of their fruit. 2Plant above-ground crops that have seeds that grow inside their fruit from the start of the moon's second quarter to the midpoint of the lunar cycle.
3Plant carrots, potatoes, onions and other underground or root vegetables during a full moon.
4Skip planting or sowing seeds in the fourth quarter of the moon because its waning energy favors rest.

If you experience success with moon phase planting and want to deepen the connection between your garden and the cosmos, consider also planting by the signs of the zodiac.
Instead, the scientists will place the seeds on a nutrient-infused filter and encase them inside a Lunar Plant Growth Chamber that will shield them against solar radiation. Announced in 2007, the competition that has challenged private companies to develop and land a robotic spacecraft safely on the moon prior to December 31st, 2015, comes with a promise of $30 million USD - The largest incentive based prize ever!
While many of the techniques of the past have been disregarded as foolish or outdated, planting by the moon is still considered a best practice by some successful farmers. Include melons, squash, tomatoes and peppers during this phase to encourage their leaf growth. Use this time to do related projects, such as repairing fences, weeding gardens, harvesting crops and finishing outstanding pruning and transplanting. Zodiac sign planting involves sowing certain seeds or growing certain kinds of plants by moon phases and their preferred astrological signs.
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That is the reason NASA scientists recently announced plans to test, growing a vegetable garden on the lunar surface. Once the garden lands on the moon, sufficient water will be added to ensure the seeds can thrive.

Robert Bowman, a senior scientist with Lockheed Martin who is working with the NASA Ames Research Center on this project, says these were selected because they are important crop plants.
The practice is based on the idea that Earth's gravity changes as the moon cycles through its phases, which subtly affects soil moisture levels and internal plant fluid movement.
For example, planting under the zodiac sign Cancer is said to yield the best results because most plants grow well with the moisture and energy conditions created by that water sign. Additionally, basil has been grown successfully many times on the International Space Station. Although scientists haven't been able to prove conclusively that the practice increases a crop's success rate, it certainly won't hurt to try this ancient technique with your vegetable garden. This will give scientists sufficient time to observe germination, which is the main focus of this inaugural live sciences experiment being conducted in another world.
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