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This smiling Gargoyle looks great on a pedestal or just sitting in your garden or home, office. This is a gargoyle we use for bench legs or small table pedestals but can be used as just a gargoyle statue, its weight is 80 pounds of solid concrete. The Gothic Baby Dragon Sundial is a unique and individualized accent for your garden setting. Unique and rich in detail, the Dragon Garden Statue, will look equally lovely in any room of your home or among the backyard flowers.

This 18 inch Tall Happy Buddha statue comes stained and straight concrete Would make a great addition to any collection, adding a touch of oriental cheer to your garden. This free standing Easter Island Head stands 23 inchs Tall comes in stained or plain concrete, this statue is 3 inchs taller and stands by it self. 3 Sun Garden Plaques with hangers, stained and sealed, can be hung from a nail or on a tree ,post or wall. This is a smal cross, indented in to a rock, this unique small cross has lots of detail, sealed as above.

Treasured as a good luck symbol in many cultures, this Small Dragon statue can bring good fortune - and good taste - to any of your indoor or outdoor living spaces.The dragon is traditionally associated with East direction and it is believed that placing an image of a dragon on the East side of your home or office will protect you from negative energy and will bring great fortune.
Gnome lovers this is a must for any garden, standing  32 inches tall and 13 inches wide at the fish.

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