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The rest of the landscaping is also quite simple with the other major elements being repeated as well. Larger gravel is used in the flower beds so as to not be blown or washed into the pool easily.
While there are a lot of plants around this pool, they don't cause much of a maintenance problem because the area and plants are tropical. The homeowner has used banana plants, split leaf Philodendron bipinnatifidum and Purple Queen (Tradescantia pallida) to turn her backyard into a tropical oasis.

Not content to confine the lushness to a planting island, she has placed more bananas and small Pygmy Date palms in large pots around the shimmering water. This outdoor shower provides a temperature-adjustable stream of water and will fit attractively into your swimming pool landscape design. This swimming pool landscape design at Palm Cove Water Paradise features palm trees at their verdant best. While it does look a little complicated and busy, it's actually quite a simple plating idea with only a few varieties of plants repeated throughout the landscaping.

However, for the rest of the planting ideas, there is a bit of lawn that comes to within a foot of the edge of the pool.

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