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Read on to find out how the regional ITS architecture can help you respond to these questions and more. The initial step in the objectives-driven, performance-based approach is to establish regional goals and operations objectives.
Operations objectives are specific, measurable, and agreed-upon statements of desired outcomes for regional system performance that support the plan's goals. When a regional ITS strategic plan is developed alongside an ITS architecture, the plan may play an even more significant role in developing operations goals and objectives. In 2010, the Genesee Transportation Council led the development of the ITS Strategic Plan for Greater Rochester.
Architecture software.18 Untapped potential data sources can then be incorporated into the architecture in the next regional ITS architecture update. Figure 17: Identifying and Filling the Gaps in the Phoenix Metropolitan Center to Center CCTV Network.

Figure 19: Using Service Package Customization to Define Projects in the Maricopa Association of Governments Regional ITS Architecture.
15 Minnesota Department of Transportation, Minnesota Statewide Regional ITS Architecture, March 2009. 19 Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Council, "Final Northwest Arkansas Regional ITS Architecture" Web Site, March 2007. 20 Maricopa Association of Governments, "Maricopa Association of Governments Regional ITS Architecture" Web Site, June 2010. 21 Additional information about Turbo Architecture and the planning tab is available in Appendix A. 23 Maricopa Association of Governments, "Maricopa Association of Governments Regional ITS Architecture" Web Site, June 2010.
They may be formed in response to influences such as ITS and operations staff, elected or appointed officials, or a significant event such as a blizzard or traffic incident that draws public attention to needed operational improvements.

The regional ITS strategic plan's goals and objectives may have come from the regional transportation planning process or may have been separately developed. The Genesee Transportation Council and the other stakeholders developed goals and objectives for nine system management and operations initiatives to guide an ITS deployment strategy.
In the latter case, they provide a starting point for the development of operations goals and objectives that will drive regional planning for operations.

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