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Raised bed planters are an ideal solution for apartment residents to replace the little kitchen garden patch you miss. I was growing rose plants around 70 in 2000 sqft area of terrace.But due our house being flanked by newly constructed apts on both sides(East and West) light is cut off drastically with the result plant growth also stunted.
Terrace gardening is as old as the days of Babylon, but today it has a new meaning in India.
Bangalore, it's new name is now Bengaluru, was once called the "Garden City", where every household used to have either an ornamental garden or a kitchen garden. The set-up costs of terrace gardening depend on whether you want to start step-by-step or all at once. 4) In your book, "A handbook of Organic Terrace Gardening" you mention that you can even grow melons on a terrace.
There is a National Seminar for Organic Terrace Gardening for those of you who are interested taking place in Bangalore, India in September, 2010. Vishwanath, you have been attributed to have pioneered the concept of organic terrace gardening in Bangalore.
With the pressure building on land and its cost in the urban areas, there is hardly any space to have a garden.

As I was in the organic movement it was termed organic terrace gardening where there is no use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and we use only open-pollinated seeds. When you grow your own vegetables on a terrace it not only gives some space back to agriculture, but it also helps the grower to get chemical-free fresh vegetables.
Regarding melons, yes it takes more space in fields, but on terraces we have to train and confine them to one area.
That is, if your roof is weak or leaking, one can't use your terrace for terrace gardening or anything.
Even though the workshops have been conducted since 1994-95, the number of people who adopted terrace gardening was less than 2 or 3 for every 1000 trained. Vishwanath, has pioneered organic terrace gardening in Bangalore by providing training to residents in their own locality and supplying the needed inputs like seeds, manure, plant protection materials, implements, containers etc. But it started losing both names as people started building on the entire area allotted instead of leaving space for gardens. So if one wants to grow vegetables domestically the only alternative was the terrace which provides the ideal space.
We hope that what you have just read will inspire those of you who live in flats and have terraces to think about terrace gardening and growing vegetables in containers.

And the open terrace was getting heated up adding to the temperature increase in Bengaluru and also adding to global warming. Contact pratsy at gmail dot com to enquire on possibilities of starting your kitchen garden on your balcony or terrace. There is a lady by name of Sowbagya who has grown mangoes, pomegranates, sapotas and guavas on her terrace. Rows of plastic pots with ornamental plants come close to the greenery that you crave to surround yourself with. Some keen garden enthusiasts have also created their own versions and are making boxes based on individual orders.

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