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Any type of pool whether it large monolithic or compact dismountable model requires special equipment making its operation friendly and safe. The water in the swimming pool has a various impurities including dissolved chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting which affects the materials the pumps made of.
Circulation pumps (or centrifugal pump) is connected with the entire filter system of the pool.
Circulation pump with conventional suction as a less complicated machine is used to help the main pump to perform local tasks – to carry out the water movement in a particular location of the pool or create a bubble fountain in a bubble bath, for example. Heating pumps extends the swimming season so If you wish to enjoy outdoor swimming the whole year around, you would need a heating pump. This entry was posted in Maintenance and tagged above ground pool, DIY, filtration, inground pool, pool pump.
Technically an art installation, this man-made fresh water public swimming bath was designed to give visitors a fresh perspective on the urban area in its vicinity. South London’s vast pool, with its iconic, Pantone-coloured changing huts, has been treasured by fortunate locals since it opened as a bathing lake in 1906. After an extensive, £2 million refurbishment, this 50-metre pool was reopened to the public in early 2013. The 50-metre pool is surrounded by art deco Grade II-listed buildings which house the Lido Café (winner of a Time Out Eating and Drinking award for 'Best park cafe' in 2011) and exercise studios, offering year-round dance and pilates classes and activities for pre-school children. The 1990s update of the original ’30s lido is housed in a complex which includes an indoor pool, cinema and bowling alley.
Formerly known as Uxbridge Lido, the Grade II-listed, 50m, open-air swimming pool reopened in 2010, restored to its 1930s glory, complete with cascades (fountains) at either end and a new, heated shallow splash pool for children.
This south-facing, 36-metre open-air pool, with grassy areas for sunbathing, is open and heated to a balmy 28C all year round.
A 27.5m expanse of blue, the outdoor pool at the Oasis in Covent Garden is a central London revelation to the uninitiated. At busy weekends and during holiday periods, separate sessions for lane and fun swimming operate at Crouch End’s 50-metre lido, formerly known as Park Road Pools, which is heated and dates from 1929. Early mornings and the winter months are the preserve of the Serpentine Swimming Club, but from May to September there’s a warm welcome for everyone in this section of the Serpentine lake – although the water is not heated. Built in the 1960s and featuring both a lido and an indoor pool, the Richmond Pools are part of a complex that includes a spa and fitness centre. One of the most important activities of pool care is ensuring the chemical balance in the water is well maintained. As earlier stated, if your pool pH is low, then you are exposing your pool equipment to damage.
If the pH in your pool drops even after you have tried to raise it, then it’s time to raise your total alkalinity. These pumps are installed above the pool, because it should pump water and raise it to a height of about 3 meters (10 feet).

For water saturation by ozone it is necessary to absorb part of water in the ozonizer and after it is enriched, release it back to the pool. Steel shells and mechanisms are allowed only in pools where water is not treated by any means and purified by UV stations. Luckily, London has loads of options for front-crawlers and pool-posers alike, with open-air facilities in every corner of the city. The 40-metre pool is in a natural oval shape and surrounded by hard and soft landscaping and planting that will evolve with age. At just over 90m, it’s this country’s largest outdoor freshwater pool and inspires devoted swimming all through the year, although to swim in winter you must be a member of the well established South London Swimming Club, which has been based at the lido almost as long as it has existed.
The outdoor pool is now part of a new leisure centre that includes an indoor pool of the same size. It has a stainless steel pool liner (the only one in an outdoor pool in the UK) which gives the water a metallic shimmer – not that you'll be able to tell when it's packed full of people on a sunny day. Champagne beds, a tiki bar and a beach club are all nearby for between-dip relaxing, and you needn't even get up from the pool terrace in good weather, as dining facilities and full waitress service are available. A well balanced chemistry is vital in keeping your pool clean and also ensuring it is safe for swimming. If the pH level is kept at that range, the chances of it irritating our eyes when swimming is low. Plaster gunite, concrete and fiberglass pools can all be affected in different ways such as pitting, etching and delaminating due to low pH. And to keep them out of swimming pool there is only one way – to use water filtration and purification. As a rule inflatable and frame structure pools with a big capacity manufacturers recommend to use one filter pump. The other part of the unit standing out and could be used as air conditioner or heater in indoor pools. In the meantime, the three pools remain open to ladies, men and mixed groups (including accompanied children aged eight-15, at the lifeguards’ discretion) respectively. The Oasis is so popular at hot summer weekends and at peak times that getting any serious swimming done is difficult – best go with the modest aim of splashing about to cool down. The gated family area with a (chlorinated) paddling pool, sandpit and swings means parents can relax while their children play. Chemicals such as chlorine are used in controlling the growth of bacteria and algae in the pool while chemicals such as muriatic acid keep the pH levels of your pool water well balanced. You need to test the pH levels of your water regularly and correct pH as soon as possible so that you may avoid pool equipment damage and staining your pool walls.
But in some cases such as for swimming pools with sea water the alternative of bronze pump simply does not exist. The Men’s and Ladies’ Ponds are open all year round but to use the Mixed Pond in the winter season you must join the Hampstead Heath Winter Swimming Club.

Indoors, swimmers can plough up and down the main pool or enjoy the leisure pool’s wave machine. Your pool water has become acidic and can easily corrode metal surfaces, dissolve concrete and masonry surfaces and strip vinyl pools of their ability to stretch and decrease their lifespan. In addition, stone, coping, masonry surfaces and decor tiling in the pool can dissolve due to the acidity in the pool water as a result of low pH.
When the water gets completely contaminated, extra metals and dissolved minerals start forming on the walls of the pool as stains and discolorations.
The dry acid should be evenly around the pool as much as you possibly can but not in the areas where it can easily be pulled into the pool filter and pump.
If your test indicates alkalinity, you can put 1.4 lbs of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) per 10,000 gallons of water in your pool. Stationary pools which are used frequently or the whole year around require multiple pumps. Keep in mind that the filter pump can only remove suspended particles that failed to settle to the bottom of the pool. However if you want to create a pool with sea water (it happens sometimes), plastic is not suitable because the salt will be deposited in it.
Swimming is free for Camden residents aged 55 and over between 9am and noon Monday to Friday.
Big swimming pools especially indoor, requires individual selection of circulation pump depending on many parameters: the length of the pipeline, water capacity, usage frequency, configuration, additional equipment, etc.
However this method is quite labor-intensive because it is necessary to provide its capability at the construction stage of the pool.
To create backflow and water circulation which helps to distribute chemical disinfectants throughout the pool, it is enough to buy a low-pressure pump. So, you must choose the pump, the performance of which corresponds to the capacity of the pool. The main pool pump is responsible for filtering quality so try to select the pump with appropriate specifications regarding the capacity of pool. This process takes several days, but it works perfectly well for pools that stubbornly maintain low pH. Of course outdoor pools haven’t any cellar underneath, but you could hide the pumps in special containers made of thermoplastic. Therefore the primary care for pool water is the filtering system mission operated by the pool pump.

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