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Roll the net up using the Storage Roller or pull the net out of the pool and move out of the way. Hooks are removed from the anchor plates on the paving and the net is rolled onto the storage roller or removed from the pool and stored.
Place your pool in an imaginary box or rectangle, then using a measuring tape, measure from inside coping edge (waters edge) to coping edge (waters edge) for maximum length and width.
Find Your Local DealerLet us help you with your pool fence, pool cover, and pool net needs. All-Safe removable pool fencing is strong, lightweight fencing designed for the safety of small children around swimming pools and spas. All-Safe is the number one choice for removable pool fences with over 20 years of expert experience in pool safety. The cost of pool fencing varies depending on the product selected, layout, time required to perform the installation and area in which you live.
There are several types of pool fencing available on the market, but very few are designed specifically for pool safety. The first step in purchasing an All-Safe pool fence is to get in touch with a local independent dealer. Most regular pool fence installations are completed in just one day, while larger more complicated jobs might take 2 or 3 days.
An All-Safe pool net is a special type of pool cover that goes over your swimming pool and is specifically designed to keep your young child safe. Pool safety nets have been used around the world for over 30 years and there has never been a reported drowning while the pool net was properly in place. All-Safe pool safety nets have been laboratory tested to comply with the nationally recognized ASTM standard for swimming pool safety covers. The cost of a pool safety net can be more or less than a pool fence depending on the length and complexity of the pool fence.
If you are considering the purchase of a pool safety net, you will need to first get in touch with a local independent dealer.
Every pool cover option that All-Safe offers will be a cover specifically customized to your pool, spa or water feature. A pool cover that will keep debris out of the pool must be tightly enough woven material that debris cannot get through the top of the cover and be anchored or sealed along the sides so debris cannot get under the cover.
The automatic pool cover is the only pool cover All-Safe installs that helps with pool heating.
Although All-Safe does install many covers on empty pools all ASTM testing is done with water in the pool.
All-Safe Pool Fence & CoversAt All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers we care about the safety of your family and are eager to help you find the perfect safety solution. V-Care Protective : Manufacturers of safety gloves,safety harness,Safety nets, safety shoes, safety showers, safety goggles, Face mask, buffant caps. Aquanet manufactures and installs safety pool nets and covers, and other pool equipment nationally.
The CPSC estimates each year nearly 300 children younger than five drown in swimming pools and spas and more than 4,200 children under the age of 15 go to hospital emergency rooms due to non-fatal submersions injuries. Small children find the fence difficult to climb since they aren’t able to get a foothold like they might with a chain link or wrought iron pool fencing. The most common type of other pool fence is used to follow the property line of your home and helps to keep people outside your property and pool. On the morning of your pool fence installation, you will meet with your technician and review the layout one last time.

What cover is right for you depends on your needs, budget and how accessible you want your pool, spa or water feature to be. Pool safety net: The pool safety net is a lightweight, easy to remove cover that can be installed on almost any pool, spa and water feature. Winter pool cover: The winter pool cover is a heavy duty cover that is ASTM compliant for safety. Automatic pool cover: The automatic pool cover is an easy to use, motorized cover and also ASTM compliant. Pool safety net with leaf cover: This is an option where a mesh style custom leaf cover is added to your safety net. Leaf pool cover without a safety net: This is a lightweight pool cover option that is similar to removing a pool safety net.
Winter pool cover: Winter pool covers can be used to winterize your pool in colder climates. Automatic pool cover: Automatic pool covers will keep a large majority of debris out of your pool and help with evaporation and chemical cost. An automatic pool cover is a solid non-transparent pool cover so solar rays do not go through to raise the temperature more than a couple of degrees at best. When alarms are used alone or in conjunction with a Pool Fence, Safety Net or Pool Cover, they provide additional layers of security & safety. All-Safe pool fence materials exceed the nationally recognized standards for pool fencing (ASTM F2286-05-2013). The mesh is transparent allowing you a clear view of the pool area, which is a critical safety factor. However, this type of fence is not ideal for separating your home from the pool area.Wrought iron pool fence was a common barrier used for pool safety in the past. The form will use your zip code to locate a dealer near you and will provide a phone number for you to call.The independent dealer will schedule a time to visit your home and provide you with a free, no obligation, pool fence price quote.
Unlike most traditional pool covers, a pool safety net allows a clear view of your pool water which is an important safety element while preserving the aesthetics of your backyard. The reason why pool nets are so safe is because they create a physical barrier between the water and your child.
The pool net material is then stretched across the water, cut to the exact shape of your pool and then the perimeter is wrapped twice. This will provide both safety and keep the majority of large debris out of your pool or spa. A winter pool cover is an ASTM compliant safety cover that will keep most debris out of the pool.
These are the easiest pool covers to take off and on however they are the most expensive and pool restrictive. But once the pool is heated the automatic pool cover will do a great job of keeping the heat in.
So when any ASTM compliant pool cover is installed on a pool without water it will require a liability release and can have an effect on the warranty.With the exception of colder climates that need to winterize pool and spas it is not advised that a working pool be emptied or pumps shut down with or without a cover.
Our mesh pool fencing is commonly approved by foster care, day care and adoption agencies as a primary pool safety device. Because kids can use the iron slats to brace their feet on a wrought iron pool fence is considered more climbable than mesh pool fencing. When it’s time to enjoy your pool, you simply roll the pool net up onto a roller and store it away.The netting material is comprised of virgin polyethylene twine that is machine tied into 3-?” squares.
Our pool netting easily passed this test without breaking.We use the very best materials available including UV resistant, virgin polyethylene for the netting, marine grade brass for the anchors, machine stamped stainless steel for the clips and solid braided polyester rope for the tensioning device.

Pool safety nets are significantly less expensive than winter pool covers or automatic pool covers which can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $15,000. You are welcome to leave while the crew continues the installation but will need to be present at time of installation completion so that you can learn how to properly remove and replace your new pool safety net.
These covers are not a good option for someone who still wants access to their pool or spa on a daily basis. If you want to keep your pool at a comfortable swimmable temperature year round the automatic pool cover will more than pay for itself in the long run.One of the most common requests we get is for a cover that will use the sun to heat their pool.
Platform pool covers are used for special events and will become the most unique dance floor anyone has ever seen.However, for emergency reasons, all ASTM compliant pool covers must be able to hold 485 lbs. With the exception of the net All-Safe pool covers will allow you to cover a pool that is not being used to keep a large majority of the debris out. Our Poolguard® Door Alarms are UL Listed, meet all building codes & are ASTM (F2208-02) approved.
When not in use, the mesh pool fence is fully removable and can be rolled up for easy storage.
All of the major drowning prevention and swimming pool safety agencies recommend removable pool fencing as a key layer of protection. Although iron fences do not completely take away your view of the pool they are very obstructive to the overall look of the pool area.
However, when the pool net is removed, it no longer provides any level of safety, therefore it is extremely important that the safety net be placed back over the swimming pool after each use. All-Safe continues to offer the largest selection of pool safety netting material in the industry including multiple color options, different anchor styles, tensioning choices and material thicknesses. Poolguard® Door Alarms come with optional immediate or delayed alerts.All Pool Alarms we offer are available for direct purchase exclusively through our online store and shipped from our Southern California warehouse. Removable pool fencing is one of the most common safety solutions for pool owners with young children. Most families opt to include our self-closing, self-latching, key-lockable gate that allows adults convenient access but provides a secure measure to prevent children from entering the pool area.
All-Safe has been recognized by the United States Small Business Administration as a Family-Owned Business of the Year.All-Safe pool fencing has been tested on multiple occasions by three separate independent testing laboratories to certify compliance with the nationally recognized ASTM standard. You do not need to be present for the entire installation process, however, it is important that you are available at the end of the installation so we can show you how to use your new pool fence.
The All-Safe pool net will support a minimum of 485 lbs., which is the requirement of the nationally recognized ASTM standard for pool safety covers. This is because if a child gets stuck on the cover an adult may need to go onto the pool cover to get the child. The pool netting connects to small anchors in your deck which look like pennies that are counter-sunk into your pool deck. All-Safe offers the largest selection of pool fence options in the industry including multiple heights, colors, pole styles, mesh styles, gate options, paint styles, etc. It will often range from 5x to 25x the cost of mesh fencing.Chain link pool fence is very obstructive to the view of the pool and usually considered a construction fence. So the simple answer is, none of the commonly used pool covers should be considered a hard pool cover or a pool cover that can be walked on.

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