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Founder John Clarkson has over 40 years of pool-building experience and has garnered numerous awards and honors for the company. Just imagine coming home after work on a hot summer day, or from the hot summer yard work here in Jacksonville, walk out to your new Viking fiberglass inground Swimming Pool and jump right in.Now that is a rewarding experience that can be enjoyed over and over.
You will enjoy hours of year round fun with your neighbors, friends and family grilling out, swimming pool parties, daytime and night time Florida living in your composite pool.
We at First Coast Viking Pools can install a brand new Viking Fiberglass Pool, or if you already have a swiimmg pool that needs remodeling we also remodel swimming pools, and we remarcite swimming pools and swimming pool areas.
Whatever your Jacksonville Swimming Pool needs are we can handle your situation and at an affordable cost to you! At First Coast Viking Pools, we are your Jacksonville Swimming Pool Contractor, and we specialize in Viking Swimming Pools, fiberglass swimming pools, swimming pool remarciting and pool remodeling.

On one hand, the company is backed by the strength of the nationally prestigious membership-only group Aquatech, a Society of Pool-Building Professionals. Multiple programs are in place to keep the company current with industry trends and new methods of design and construction. According to vice president and lead design consultant Jordan Clarkson, however, the best reward is a happy customer. Clarkson notes that if a family chooses to concentrate on extravagant features, the experts at PBJC can handle the request, as the company's artisans are skilled in constructing multilevel pools, blending different decking materials and coordinating them with beautiful rock and faux rock treatments. The Viking pool is the best built swimming pool and the most built in ground fiberglass swimming pool in the industry and is the only Jacksonville Swimming Pool with a ceramic layer and a lifetime warranty. There isn't much better when you live in Jacksonville than enjoying all that there is to offer from our year round beautiful weather that fits perfectly with your back yard Viking swimming pool.

Our Advanced Composite Pool is the absolute best Ceramic Composite Pool on the market today and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Jordan stresses that the only way to craft top-of-the-line projects is by getting to know the customer's desires and design preferences in detail.
More than 30 builders and other industry experts from across the nation came together to share and discuss the most advanced design and building practices.

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