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The important thing is to keep it simple and clean with a little touch of future because the core of modern live is simplicity and practical life. Simple landscaping ideas for hills can be challenging since slope surfaces is harder for landscaping. On hills landscaping ideas, before starting, make sure the view from your house and your neighbors are not blocked.
Choose the trees with deep and fine roots like acacia for effective soil binding, and protect surface soils from rain to prevent erosion in simple landscaping ideas for hills.
In design for hills landscape, working with what you have saves also can save your time and money. Squeeze in a seat - A cultivated sloping garden like this one is not best suited to entertaining or playing, but it is perfect for sitting and relaxing. Steep slopes are prime areas for slowing down stormwater for infiltration through terracing.

It can be a Hillside Landscaping Ideas design ideas for you to combine it with another style which you prefer. Moreover, hillside homes are easier to catch fire because fire moves from the bottom to the upper area. The steep slope here has been walled to create beds, but a horizontal slither of lawn, just big enough for a bench, has been included in the design, providing a spot in which to sit and admire the planting.Photo of a traditional sloped landscape in Los Angeles. The image here shows terraced pockets in a variety of configurations that create layered raised planting beds for flowering plants.
With the right planning, surely your hillside house will be more beautiful without sacrificing the safety. These walls can be used as both positive and negative walls but you can lose functional space as the battered bank requires length so they are best as positive walls.Inspiration for a contemporary front yard landscape with a retaining wall.
There are so many varieties in the rocks themselves, and even more variety in the possibilities of using those rocks to your advantage.View in galleryHere are 20 fantastic uses of rocks for your backyard landscape inspiration!View in gallery1. So, get start on the project to beautify your hillside house to create the relaxing landscape to look at or spend your spare time.

You can contact the local natural resource conservation service office or the local state agricultural university office for the suitable plants. Mix and match sizes and colors of rocks on the same pathway to create visual interest and landscaping depth.
Beautiful river rock forms a “triple threat” in this backyard oasis, designating an intuitive walkway and juxtaposing nicely against the wooden fence and lush green grass.View in gallery4.
Various sizes, shapes, and colors of rock combine to create a soothing yet energetic waterfall for the Zen backyard.View in gallery5. A “bridge” of bluestone passes through a “river” of smaller rocks for a delightfully scenic and water-friendly backyard.View in gallery6.

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