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This was a girls only trip with my Mother-in-law, niece, daughter, and Arya going up to hike the canyon to celebrate Mother’s day. The red shale of this canyon is basically packed dirt so I didn’t want to walk very much on top even though I am certain from the carved signatures in all the rocks that this has been a much visited site.
When we reached the top I suggested we go right because I wanted to see if it would be possible to trail blaze down off this ridge and reach the primitive camping area. Well, this was probably a mistake because most of this trail to the right is far away from the edge of the drop-off along a dirt road in a boring grassy plateau.
Just as I reached the top of the Rock Garden trail it dawned on me that I still had the car key in my pocket.

Sunday morning we had Raisin Bread toasted in the skillet with butter & hot chocolate which was a quicker clean up and allowed us on the trail earlier. The girls still climbed a bit, but I limited some of their adventures because most of this trail is on shale and first, I don’t want ruin the formations and second, they are dangerously crumbly.
That first scramble up the red shale brings us across a narrow rock ledge to the saddle between the two towers.
During the last mile of our trip down Lighthouse Trail we passed a lot of people who were just starting at 1pm during the hottest part of the day. Joyce stayed with the girls at the water crossing and after drinking her fill ( and getting off her hated shoes) Arya and I took off down a trail that led back to where our car was parked at the other trail head.

We then went to the trading post, back to the stream again, and then back to camp to read until bedtime.

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