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True alpine plants are native to high altitude, mountainous regions of the world, and they have adapted to the naturally harsh weather conditions by becoming short in stature for the most part. Aim to build a collection of Rock Stars® with different shapes, in order to provide a variety of textures.
As well as considering plant shapes and sizes, matching together Rock Stars® with similar growth rates is a wise idea, so that they all get along. The easiest way to kill your Rock Stars® is by planting them in average perennial border conditions. These plants often have a cascading style when grown on a wall or at the edge of a container.

For example, a rosette or cushion-shaped plant can look lovely surrounded by a flat-growing carpet to accentuate that cute bun-shaped or mounding habit. In containers, troughs and walls, a spreading or carpeting plant will cascade over the sides in a charming way. You don’t want your plants to live in a battlefield, so be careful when placing Rock Stars® with a slow or a fast rate of growth. Aim to have a mix of plants in different shapes, sizes, colours and seasons of bloom, but choose ones with similar requirements to match the site you have in mind. Vigorous-growing neighbours such as Daylilies and Summer Phlox might grow over them or cast too much shade.

Tufts and subshrubs are more substantial in size and provide some good structure in a miniature planting.
Even if they thrive, your Rock Stars® will be too small and look out-of-place with the usual range of perennial border plants, though there are exceptions to this theory.

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