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Over the last week-we've began to eat from the bounty of our spring garden-radishes, lettuce, green onions, and spinach.
It's so wet here, Papa got the garden tractor stuck in the mud in the garden tonight, and I had to pull him out with the van! I'm putting down wood chips on the rest of this space and need a raised bed that will look more attractive than a plain wooden box. I posted photos of the flower bed that's going to be partially a vegetable garden this year. Thank goodness common sense struck for once, and I thought that might not be the best way to cultivate a gardening interest in my daughter.
After we built that first bed we planted it within about 20 minutes and I quickly realized we were going to need more raised beds. Depending on your level of comfort with rustic decor, or usefulness over aesthetics these raised garden beds may or may not be for you. Lars (left) and our friend Mark built two raised beds last year, altering the design a bit.

Two years later, when Lars made similar garden beds for our friends Kathy and Mark, he found it easier to make the bed 7 timbers high. Three years later, two raised garden beds supply a variety of vegetables and herbs in my backyard. Update: Friend Alan Schmadkte builds one from these plans and makes some adjustments for his garden.
This entry was posted in DIY, Gardening and tagged how to raised garden bed, landscape timbers, raised beds, raised garden, vegetable gardening by Julie Anderson. So I thought, let’s go about this garden with the use of common hand tools and leave the machinery behind. I figured if I kept going to the lumber store I would have a sizeable investment in this garden. If you can scrounge or cut some free logs, you will be set to work on your own log raised bed garden. It was one of the best gifts he ever gave me. Besides supplying vegetables almost year-round, the garden has become my favorite retreat.

There are many styles and ways to build raised beds, and I would like to see what others have built. I have gardened most of my life, I commercial vegetable farmed for a while and my dad and brother are still full time commercial vegetable farmers. Experience has taught me the value of raised beds in a lot of circumstances so I knew that’s what we would be using. My way of thinking about growing vegetables was to plow, disk, hook up a raised bed machine that lays plastic and set out on a 1,000 foot row.

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