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We followed this tutorial from Better Homes and Garden and it really couldn’t have been any easier. With this clearance, you can use an edger or scissors to cut grass missed by the lawn mower. And when I was a kid my family grew a lot of our own veggies, so this year, since we live in a house with a yard, I made a goal to plant my own veggie garden.

We used Jolly Gardener Premium Garden Soil, purchased at our local nursery for $8.99 a pop.
I spent a lot of time reading the sowing instructions trying to figure out how deep and far apart to plant everything before I remembered reading that when you garden in a raised bed you can plant things closer together than if you planted directly into the ground, so really I ended up just putting shit where I wanted it at random intervals and called it good.
Also, I basically just made ever leaving the house for more than 12 hours impossible since the garden has to be watered on the daily.

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