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The most popular designs for cheap raised garden beds are outlined below varying from somewhat inexpensive to literally dirt cheap. Landscape timbers and re-bar are one of the more expensive designs offered here, but affords a long lifespan for the bed. A less expensive version of the hay bale bed, straw-stuffed burlap sacks tied tightly together with twine also make an inexpensive and very functional design. A little more expensive design incorporates large landscaping stones as walls for a raised garden bed. One very inexpensive way of building a raised garden bed is to recycle pallets, which many places are eager to give away for free. No matter which design a gardener chooses or the cost incurred, a raised garden bed will save precious resources and creates a perfect growing environment for every kind of plant imaginable. Every time I open a plant catalog or see a television commercial for sale-priced $99 raised bed gardening kits, I cringe!
Husband also buys a 3-foot length of a 1 x 1-inch pine stake; he cuts it into four pieces and uses them to nail the cedar boards to at corners for bracing. The extra gathered heat from concrete is perfect for Mediterranean-type herbs such as rosemary and lavender. You will be planting seeds and transplants close, because the beds are smaller and the soil is richer. This 4 x 4-foot bed is crowded with productive peppers, cucumbers, a tomato plant and insect-repelling flowers that are edible. I’d love to hear how you made raised beds or if you have any tips for a better way to do things. I have been building raised beds for years and find that laying a deep thickness of newspaper on the bottom before I add any soil helps keep moles and roots from moving in later. I love this article and I really want to make these beds, but I can’t find some of the supplies. This post is very helpful as I plan my first veggie garden (Seeds been growing inside and ready to be moved once the weather is ready). The materials you’ll need are silt fencing, schedule 40 PVC pipe, and metal fence stakes (T-posts). Not only do they save resources such as water and fertilizer due to the inherent contained design, but they also save the gardener’s back by literally elevating the work surface up to a level that is easier to reach.
Pallets can be broken down into individual boards and nailed to a simple frame consisting of four landscape timbers sunk into the ground on each corner.

At the same time, the chore of gardening is made less labor intensive, thus making for a very enjoyable gardening experience. But, plants grown close together in raised beds mature faster, because they compete for nutrients and sunlight. This title makes me think of Spanx – but basically in the middle of each raised bed, we screwed a support to the three boards.
A friend of mine stapled plastic sheeting inside his raised bed – to help keep moisture away from the wood and increase longevity.
Instead of using them in typical raised bed fashion, we removed the top layer of sod from our yard, and embedded the cement blocks that way.
I too have been using raised beds for several years because I’m 64 years young and have had two knee replacements.
It is environmentally safe, does not degrade in the sun, and will keep dirt from washing out the sides of the bed. They also allow for better drainage for those plants susceptible to root rot and also allow the gardener to customize the soil contents appropriate to the plants intended for the bed. Re-bar is then slipped into predrilled holes in the timbers and pounded into the ground as stabilizers. Stone tends to soak up heat from the sun and slowly releases it over a long period of time, introducing constant warmth to the bed.
This would make for a smaller raised bed, but the inexpensive nature of this project would dictate that many beds could be built quite cheaply. But in Spring 2012 we jumped in head first and we built our first raised garden bed – in an afternoon – and I realized just how easy and inexpensive they can be! It would be a shame to spend all this time and money building raised beds for an area not conducive to growing the things you want.
The advantages to pre-drilling a hole is the screw will go in easier and you are less likely to have the screws crack or split your wood.
We drilled the two pieces together, then added the baluster support to the corner and screwed it in.
If you care about your bed being exactly 90 degree corners, try to wiggle and adjust after the first level. You’re going to be fighting grass in your raised beds for the entire lifespan of the beds. I was looking at Lowes and I haven’t been able to find wood balusters or cedar boards of the right dimensions.

I am looking to build some at a children’s summer camp, I would also like to know how much soil you ordered to fill each bed.
It puts food on my table, food in my pantry, and gives me plenty of pictures for social media.
This design may also incorporate PVC pipe sunk into the ground on the interior side of one wall and bent over in an arch to be sunk into the ground on the interior side of the adjacent wall and then covered in clear plastic to act as a sort of makeshift greenhouse. After I situate the boxes (four or five grouped together makes a good sized garden), I put down three layers of newspaper to suppress errant weed or grass seeds that might sprout. Beds of 13 feet or longer by 4 feet wide are cheaper to build using blocks than with cedar boards. Several university studies have proven this competition syndrome by identifying how plants perceive others nearby using the green light spectrum.
We now have six raised beds that provide a bounty every summer and I’m so grateful that we went for it! Although the lifespan of this kind of raised bed is only a couple of years at best, the low cost and simplicity of the design make it easily rebuilt once it has gone the way of last year’s crop. Clear plastic may also be laid over the mound, secured with rocks or stakes, and holes punched in it through which to grow the plants in order to retain moisture and warmth. AND it’s about half of the going rate that I found for pre-built raised beds on Craigslist or the kits at Home Depot. On the last two beds, we got lazy and did not pre-drill, we had a few more little cracks and splintering, but we decided not enough to warrant the extra time to pre-drill. Try to avoid the dark knots in the wood – those are a pain and nearly impossible to drill through.
Don’t buy treated or stained woods – the chemicals will leach into your soil and your food!
You could also use wooden stakes, but I prefer products that last several years and do not invite termites near my home. The down side is you have to take the who bundle and that might mean some boards you don’t want, but you can always use those in your fire pit. The bottom three inches of the silt fence should lay on the ground toward the inside of the raised bed.

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