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This project will give them a 2' x 3' raised bed that's just the right height for them to work easily and efficiently. I have been gardening out of raised beds for about 15 years and have been through several different designs. Apart from the obvious healthy and long term cost benefits of growing your own veggies at home, there are other great health and social benefits of owning Speaking Australian™ raised garden beds & furniture. If you have children or grandchildren (and their entourage of friends), then you will likely be always thinking of ways in which to keep them occupied without having them glued to the TV, their iPods, Gameboys, Xbox’s etc. Most kids love fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, etc and these can help excite children into tending the bed for you, so you don’t have to spend much time watering, weeding, sowing and feeding the garden yourself. Speaking Australian™ raised garden furniture is of standard seat height of a typical outdoor setting, and is easily strong enough to support seating for numerous adults. Speaking Australian™ raised garden furniture provides an aesthetically pleasing quality piece of outdoor furniture that will blend in with an outdoor decking environment. Because of its proprietary frame design, robust quality and completely Australian made materials and design,  Speaking Australian™ raised garden furniture will last for years, hence the generous Manufacturer’s warranty. Speaking Australian™ raised garden beds & furniture can be placed on decking, pavers or directly on lawn or garden surfaces. The Home Harvest Garden, part of the Mordecai Children’s Garden, features about 12 raised beds in varying heights.

Located near the the Morrison Discovery Center and greenhouse, the Home Harvest Garden encourages visitors of all sizes to take time to enjoy the herbs, flowers and vegetables growing in raised beds. However one of the vegetable gardens at the Denver Botanic Gardens is the first I’ve seen that could accommodate the tallest gardeners among us.
The Home Harvest Garden is part of the Mordecai Children’s Garden and includes about a dozen raised beds planted with herbs, vegetables and flowers. For taller gardeners or those who have difficulty bending and kneeling, tall raised beds make sense.
Each raised bed is a different height depending on the number of sideboards used in construction. Gardeners could use this idea to create customized raised garden beds to match each gardener’s perfect gardening height.
Ideally you’d love for them to find interest in something a bit healthier for both body and mind.
You no longer need those tired old plastic or fold up chairs for when extra people, kids or grandkids visit. But most of the garden beds I’ve seen are either beds dug at ground level, raised beds placed close to the ground or waist-high planting tables that stand on four legs.
What I found most interesting about the garden is that beds are elevated in varying heights.

Just like office workers who prefer to work at standing desks, some gardeners might be more comfortable standing to garden instead of stooping while planting, weeding and harvesting.
Instead of placing the raised beds in long lines, the beds are placed close together and angled in a way that makes the most use of the available space.
While they can certainly assist you in your garden, another option to consider is to give them their very own area or bed. With the provided seating, she doesn’t feel tired after working on it for a while (and sneaking the odd snack when a fruit or veg matures!); she can even use it as a seated lunch or snack break without having to go back inside or find an outdoor chair.
I cover the inside surface of the wood with of the bed EPDM pond liner, the type that used for Koi ponds and the like. Great for people who may be at risk from or suffer from arthritic conditions and bad backs.

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