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Every time I open a plant catalog or see a television commercial for sale-priced $99 raised bed gardening kits, I cringe!
You will be planting seeds and transplants close, because the beds are smaller and the soil is richer.
Surprisingly, even a small raised garden can end up costing you over $100 after lumber and soil expense. Step 1:  Create a square with you cinder blocks and if you really want to make this project inexpensive, use cardboard for the bottom.
If this if your first time planting a raised garden, you’ll be amazed at the amount of food that you can harvest from such a small area.
The most popular designs for cheap raised garden beds are outlined below varying from somewhat inexpensive to literally dirt cheap. Landscape timbers and re-bar are one of the more expensive designs offered here, but affords a long lifespan for the bed.
Perhaps one of the least expensive designs utilizes stacked hay bales as walls for the bed. A less expensive version of the hay bale bed, straw-stuffed burlap sacks tied tightly together with twine also make an inexpensive and very functional design. A little more expensive design incorporates large landscaping stones as walls for a raised garden bed. One very inexpensive way of building a raised garden bed is to recycle pallets, which many places are eager to give away for free. No matter which design a gardener chooses or the cost incurred, a raised garden bed will save precious resources and creates a perfect growing environment for every kind of plant imaginable.

My husband and I built our raised beds ourselves and I need to be honest with you, we did spend some money.
This highly-rated Big Bag Bed (sold on Amazon) will set you back between $20-30 (depending on the size you choose). I would love to hear additional ideas for how one might save on the expense of building raised beds! But, plants grown close together in raised beds mature faster, because they compete for nutrients and sunlight. At the same time, the chore of gardening is made less labor intensive, thus making for a very enjoyable gardening experience.
But there are ways to build a raised bed garden without breaking the bank, and I’m here to show you how.
If you’re not sure you want to go farm-style on your backyard, you can easily set up a small raised bed on toward the back near your fence, or even on your patio!
Everyone I know has had great luck with them and it is so easy to add a layer and raise the height if you need too.
They also allow for better drainage for those plants susceptible to root rot and also allow the gardener to customize the soil contents appropriate to the plants intended for the bed. Stone tends to soak up heat from the sun and slowly releases it over a long period of time, introducing constant warmth to the bed. This would make for a smaller raised bed, but the inexpensive nature of this project would dictate that many beds could be built quite cheaply. It is made by mounding up dirt into a long, rectangular hill, leaving a trough around the edge in which to water the bed.

If your goal is to save money, you’ll want to consider ways of keeping your gardening costs down. Some people even raise the beds high enough to accommodate gardeners in wheelchairs or physical disabilities.
All told, I would imagine we spent several hundred dollars to set up our custom 7-container raised bed garden including tool rental, tools, lumber, and soil, and installing irrigation (which we’ve yet to finish setting up).
These would be more of a container method than a true raised bed, but I feel it’s worth mentioning. I poked holes at the bottom and then we filled it with dirt and we’re using it as a raised bed. In addition the hay bales slowly decompose which introduces warmth into the bed, creating the perfect growing environment for most plants. You can also create beautiful custom shapes using the raised beds and a number of materials. In the photo above, you can see we are using a Big Bag Bed to grow our strawberries this year.
Although the lifespan of this kind of raised bed is only a couple of years at best, the low cost and simplicity of the design make it easily rebuilt once it has gone the way of last year’s crop.
To say that inert cinder blocks present a food safety risk when used as construction materials for raised beds is ignorant and misleading.

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