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So if you are looking for a new program to use or try, check out this list of best landscape design software. Sell more jobs with PRO Landscape Contractor—the ultimate visual landscape and garden design tablet app for landscape professionals.
If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to Landscape Management to receive more articles just like it. There's nothing quite like a hand-drawn landscape design, slaved over for many hours, beautifully and meticulously drawn. Subscribers have access to the PRO Landscape image library, which includes over 12,000 high quality photos of plants by climate zone, grass, mulch, hardscapes and much, much more. CAD is not the same as AutoCAD, the pricey and complicated program that engineers and architects—including some landscape architects—use. All of the landscape design programs we’ll discuss here are designed for use by you, the landscape contractor or designer.

Salemi says that combining the basic Design product with Color “adds that ‘Wow!’ factor.” It enables the client to really see what you’re designing for them.
Sketch3D adds to it a catalog of landscape-specific 3D components such as textures, plants, ponds, pools, rose arbors and many more items.
You can show the client what his landscape will look like at different times of the day or night. Says De- Cell, “Our guys are looking to create an installation document and a bill of materials, and sell a job.” You can’t import a photograph into Pro Contractor Studio, but you can import a Google Earth image and capture it as a raster image.
It’s hands down more professional than a hand drawing.” You can put plants down in color, blend one color to another, add texturing and even make the drawing look like it’s been painted with watercolors. PRO Landscape “PRO Landscape does photo imaging, CAD, estimating and 3D rendering,” says Sloan. Then, you simply drag and drop items onto the photo from the built-in database of 11,000 landscape items.

These include plants, tiles, stone, fountains, and many other materials, cross-referenced by the looks of the items, by the brand names, or by both.The program also does irrigation, landscape lighting and holiday lighting design.
This two-way interaction can be a double-edged sword for contractors, as a customer could use it to take your design and show it to a competitor.
One of the other software companies made a deliberate business decision not to include that sort of capability, because they “didn’t want to give the customer too much power.” Of course, you could use Realtime Landscaping without Client Dream — it's just an option.

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