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Good example of unity using shrubs and grasses for a cohesive landscape.Photo of a beach style backyard landscape.
Feather reed grass: Calamagrostis x acutiflora "Karl Foerster" is an upright, slender grass with blonde flowers (shown) from late summer through early winter. A boardwalk can spark a relaxed and adventurous experience for the garden visitor, especially when it traverses a forest or a mass planting of ornamental grasses, such as this maiden grass (Miscanthus sp, USDA zones 5 to 9).Inspiration for a contemporary backyard landscape in San Francisco with decking.

Rich sweeping drifts of native perennials, grasses and shrubs create a relaxed, elegant composition that ground the home and define a variety of spaces for family gathering, entertaining and quiet reflection.Photo of a traditional landscape in Burlington with a water feature. Tall grasses with some visual similarity to wheat, like Pennisetum ‘Fairy Tails’, the noninvasive variety of purple fountain grass shown here, look at once rustic and up-to-date.
Because it reaches 4 feet tall but only 2 feet wide, it can be an effective choice against the house or near pathways where a wider plant would overtake the space.Inspiration for an industrial rectangular pool in San Francisco.

Look for grasses that retain their vertical shape, such as the Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass planted around this pool.

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