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Pool landscaping plants should be considered carefully in order to decorate a good looking pool at your home. There are several tips for you on choosing landscaping plants which is well suited to your pool. Landscaping is the right choice for making large space around the pool beautiful, landscapes can add extra beauty and attraction around the pool. Here is another picture where small pebbles are used for decorating space around the swimming pool. Replace pebbles with large sized rocks for making pool landscapes with totally different looks.
Landscaping cannot be done without using plants no matter you are making landscapes in garden or pools. Avoid fruit bearing plants or those plants in landscaping which attracts insects if you are planning landscape around swimming pool. Hope you will find this post on pool landscaping ideas useful for selecting landscape and plants for your pool.
This entry was posted on August 7, 2014, in Garden Decor, Miscellaneous and tagged garden decoration, landscaping. I am confident that you will be there for us if we have any problems - just as you were there for us as the pool was being built.

A pool in your backyard with a table and couches is indeed a nice place to relax yourself or having a nice chitchat with your family or visitors. First of all, if the surrounding of your pool is covered with ceramics and there will be no more space to put any plants, you can think of putting some of them with pots.
Some plants have thorns on them and you don’t want to injure your visitors or family because of those plants. Pebbles can be used to make boundary around the pool, place plant pots on these pebbles to make it more colorful.
Landscaping with pebbles is easy to do; low cost and most important thing is that it’s easy to maintain. However, it still feels incomplete if the pool is not decorated especially with living creatures like plants.
If you face this case, you only need to place some large flower pots around the pool but don’t place too many of them and pick some plants that don’t grow small but also not so large such as papyrus, lily or sunflower plants. Therefore, those kinds of plants such as roses, despite their stunning looks, should be reconsidered.
No matter your pool is small or large you can turn it into beautiful natural landscape by using plants and rocks. These types of landscapes with rocks and artificial water falls in combination with different garden plants can turn the area around your pool into heaven.

However, if the pool is surrounded with soil, you don’t need to worry pretty much about the placing. The last thing you need to know is when you are about to pick a big plant or tree for the landscaping around the pool. See the pictures of different pool landscapes shown below with different types of rock landscaping and rock artificial waterfalls. If you think that you don’t have much time to do gardening things nor want to hire a gardener, several plants are available with no much effort on taking care of them.
They have enormous roots that can break the pool and therefore, they are better not to be placed around your pool.
Flooring of area around the swimming pool, types of plants and types of rocks used in pool landscaping must be kept in mind during landscaping.

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